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  1. VERSION 1 works okay on CINGULAR 2125 ....... Cool...... Will try on SP2002 and SP2003SE in a while......
  2. Hi Paul, I have asked the author, and if you want to check it out, he is ok to send you beta-version. Same goes for Awarner.If you want to join beta-test team for all upcoming version, you are welcome!
  3. Actually the problem has a solution and is out there....... And i have the privilege of being able to test it on my SMT5600 and Cingular2125 as well as others who are active beta tester of this app called SMARTTWEAKER.... See Screen Shots below..... Works like a charm...... SmartTweaker is compatible with SPV, SPVE100, E200, C500, C600, Qtek8310, 8010 and the like..... So you might want to test it to see if it really work for you.... All i can say is IT IS WORKING GREAT!!!!
  4. i don't know too yet, that's is why i am not yet upgrading... hi hi hi...
  5. Thanks Ifor, it's a privilege doing those, yes it will be available for download soon enough, i've just started some. Good day to you and to all!!!
  6. This is just COOL! IT rocks, my SP2003 SE will use this a lot for sure. Thanks and many thanks!
  7. yeah yeah i know, i mean by default? Since all of their previous roms are not apps lock, when rom is installed everythings open.
  8. after successful installation qtek 8310 ROM is apps lock? IS this for real? I cant install new cabs that are not signed? Is QTEK ROM 8310 not yet decertify? Doesnt sound like qtek or it is just me?
  9. It is working but the resolution is not right, the dll file should be ported to QVGA too, thats for orange to do.
  10. Always kill the appman.exe with task manager for effect to take in place. The cab files are changing the registry. I use xbar to kill "start". Or you may use registry association instead using resco registry editor. These are the values it is changing from "0" to "1" 0=grid off 1=ON, so you can do a manual edit too. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMenu] "GridView"=dword:00000001 By the way cingular 2125 also has another grid view found in this path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:MSStart] "GridView"=dword:00000000
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