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  1. Need one with FULL qwerty and a row of number keys above and NO prediction!
  2. Can't play some movies. They were avi , wouldn't play so converted to MP4, would play on a s2 but not on note. Upgraded to ics 4.0, still no joy. Tried mx player, still nothing! Codecs?
  3. I have frequent trouble with extremely low in-call volume level. Other party can hear me fine, but I can only just hear them. If I press the 'speaker' button during the call, that works ok and I can hear them ok. Bluetooth devices also work ok. It happened intermittently before and after my ROM upgrade. The ROM upgrade seemed to improve things temporarily, then it happened again... It's very frustrating! Anyone any ideas?
  4. Well, still got the moto ht820 phones, no-one wanted them! Anybody know whether the new rom gives A2DP functionality? (as promised!)
  5. Thanks for that info. I tried the software and it streams, but a very 'tinny' mono stream. I'm gonna sell the moto headset on ebay before everyone realises they're crap and don't work on any phones properly!
  6. I went for it! I got the MDA compact 2 free on flext 35 and added a 12mb gprs package. In the first month I was nowhere near my airtime limits!! They even threw in a jabra bt headset. Check out THE LINK though, offering a 2gb ipod nano and a Samsung phone (forget which) and ?50 cashback if you sign up to flext 35 - let's start a thread listing the best flext 35 offers !!! could get crazy!
  7. Yes, sorry got a bit excited there! Was about to update the rom and discovered it was the same image - bugger! How long has that one been up then? wasn't there last week...
  8. http://t-mobile.iris-global.com/download_m...r_mda_com2.html The file description says its 26mb, my download window is saying 47mb still downloading....... more news when installed - my headphones are waiting for a2dp!!
  9. Oh well, I can wait, I suppose. They've supplied a cable for 'aircraft mode', so at least I only need one device. I might give them a call tomorrow and hassle 'em.
  10. Hi everyone, glad to see there's a specific site for this machine. I've just upgraded from the HP Jornada 820 and I must say I'm impressed. I convert movies to play on the charmer and use pocket TV. I also prefer winampaq to the installed media player - might be removing the unwanted stuff a bit later. The minimise on exit has been a problem, the lack of a task-switcher button on the today screen is a pain - I could quickly locate any running progs on the 820 and immediately shut them down. The smaller screen is not a downer. The quality and backlighting on the new machine is a vast improvement over my old ppc. I have started a thread on the connectivity issues affecting my new moto ht820 headset - I was assured that the charmer was a2dp ready - apparently not!
  11. Well, my lovely new motorola bluetooth stereo headset/handsfree arrived today - £52 from ebay. I can't get it to stream music from the charmer using WMP or winampaq. It works great as a phone handsfree but that's not why I bought it. Anybody any ideas?
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