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  1. Did about 300 miles over the weekend, had Navizone set to auto sync, no change to points total, and also tried a manual sync this afternoon still no change, using RC3 on a XDA Orbit2.
  2. Have the same problem as this, I also had a hermes flashed to wm6 and this worked fine, upgraded to a O2 Xda orbit 2 and then the problems started, with exactly the same symptoms as above, emailed them about this and received a reply yesterday (The following day!!) saying that everything must be ok now because my account was active, which it is if I look at my account via my pc, but not if I use the link on the phone and then as above, the activity log is blank. Time to give up I think, software taken off until problems resolved
  3. Soon be time to start chasing the April payment. Now I have other problems, have just changed phone to a O2 Xda orbit 2, have carried out all the instructions on their web site regarding updating device profile, downloaded and installed software and now I can't activate my account and have been charged for 9 international texts, so the software has been removed and the correspondence started again.
  4. Payment was originally due in October, emailed them several times after payment date and eventually told that payment would be received in January, sent another email at the begining of February and payment received this morning.
  5. Things are looking up, received my October payment, by cheque, in the post this morning :)
  6. Have done the same, the way things are going the April payment will be due as well soon. Last chance as far as I am concerned.
  7. Still Waiting for Octobers payment, told that it would be paid in January as there had been problems with the postal strike back in October, we are now into February still no payment, software will be removed from phone very shortly I think.
  8. I received an email today from Mobilepanel Support, apologizing for the fact that my incentive, which was due in October, had not been sent and will be reprocessed and re-issued in January. Software reinstalled for the time being.
  9. Software also removed from my phone, should have received payment in October, I have sent them 2 emails and have not received any reply.
  10. This case is now available see here http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/11934.htm
  11. Krusell are showing a case for the Qtek 9600/ HTC Tytn on their web site, not able to find anyone stocking this item as yet though, see here. http://www.krusell.se/product.php?productID=2317
  12. Had The same problem with my C600 if program was installed onto storage card, but when installed onto device it works ok
  13. Hi, if you Hard Reset, the phone will be reset to factory settings and all of the data that you have loaded onto the phone will be lost, ie contacts etc, nothing on the storage card will be lost, but shortcuts to program files installed on the storage card will be lost as these are stored on the phone.
  14. pagap

    Msn 8.0

    Hi Invitation Sent.
  15. Just found this software to convert DVD films to a format to play on SPV as well as other mobile devices.Trial available, look here. http://www.slysoft.com/en/clonedvd-mobile.html
  16. pagap

    Msn 8.0

    Invite on the way
  17. pagap

    Msn 8.0

    Thanks peekie, downloading now.
  18. pagap

    Msn 8.0

    Could I have a MSN8 Invite Please, [email protected] Many Thanks
  19. Hi mark try looking here and follow the link it tells you how to get a tool from Orange http://www.modaco.com/This_is_how_to_app_u...ne-t206929.html
  20. Get this on my C600 aswell if you press ok (left Hand soft key) when the error message displays it connects ok.
  21. Hi, Have a look Here at http://www.modaco.com/Automatic_Keylock_fo...es-t204978.html This is a very good program and works well on the C500
  22. Hi you will find links to all the plugin here http://www.modaco.com/Alpha-t118484.html
  23. BT Switched on all the time, use it for active Sync and Parrot Car Kit
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