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  1. I decided that the day I unboxed my San Fran brand new. A sharp-shooter it most definitely is not... and probably a good part of the reason it was only £80 over three (?) years ago.
  2. Absolutely amazing ROM - given my SanFran a total new lease of life and rescued it from the drawer of defunct mobiles. Thanks!! One quick quetion though, anyone else having issues with the proximity sensor not powering off the screen during phone calls and ending up using their ear to hang up calls? I've clicked the "calibrate proximity sensor" option but doesnt seem to do much apart from say "complete". Is that normal?
  3. I think it is Android. I dont have any problems at all with my Kingston 16GB class 4 when performing ClockworkRecoverymod backups, which pushes about 340MB of data to the card in pretty decent time. Also restored the backups a few times with no problems following a failed ROM upgrade (because I couldnt restore data from Titanium Backup as SD card kept unmounting!) As soon as I try and do a bit of heavy read/write from within Android, more often than not I get "SD card unmounted unexpectedly"
  4. Same here. Kingston 16GB randomly "SD card unexpectedly removed". Gonna purchase a replacement soon, but trying to find out which cards are 100% supported/long term tested.
  5. Super job. Thanks all. Managed to get Android Commander working, after a bit of a USB drivers fight, and now removed Wavesecure. Woo Hoo!
  6. Thanks for the reply. It's not a simple as removing the app as it's been installed in the system partition. I've tried TitaniumBackup to remove it (or even freeze it) and that states that for security reasons it won't do it. I'll give android commander a go though. Thanks.
  7. Hi all. I have installed the custom MoDaCo rom, but would like to remove the WaveSecure application. I have no intention of paying $20 a year subscription so would prefer to remove the app from the device, or at least stopping it bugging me to register everytime I turn the phone on. Anyone have some steps to do this? Thanks, Steve
  8. Same problem here. Using r4, Task Manager fails. Does everyone else still have "com.orange.appshop" etc etc in their applications list too? (which also gives an error when you try to remove it, something about "com.android.settings has stopped unexpectedly")
  9. b6x

    Taskbar Battery Icon

    damn, was hoping the answer laid within. anyone found out this? I also agree the ridiculously useless battery indicator in the task bar has to go! What the hell were the developers thinking? This, and the clock being moved out is a big step backwards.
  10. b6x

    Calling With Skype

    I installed Skype yesterday on my O2 XDA miniS and it was really really really poor! Took a while to start up, and couldn't even handle the call to echo123 test without breaking up and missing large chunks of the message. The sound comes out of the speaker which isn't ideal for me and the "prevent device standby" option just doesn't work. It doesn't remember my Skype user also. Uninstalled within an hour.
  11. Coz I use the XDA for more than just a phone... otherwise I'd have bought a standard mobile phone.
  12. Hi all Anyway to reprogram the red "hang-up" button to close an application rather than just minimise it? Apparently sbpPlus reprograms the "x" at the top of the window to close rather and minimise but wondered if the "end call" could do the same? Thanks in advance, b6x
  13. Does anytone know of a replacement skin for the phone keypad that offers bigger buttons for my fatter fingers? Also, I'm a T9 texter but find the default "phone pad" input method skin bl00dy awful to look at and use... can this be changed? Or even better would be a via-voice type input method? Does one exist? Regards, b6x
  14. .... does one exist? Have to admit the battery life of my miniS is very poor. Much worse than I was expecting. Using bluetooth and the occaisional wi-fi means charging the thing every day almost. Pathetic.
  15. Friends Vario has a sexy brushed aluminium bezel on the front... I want one! My O2 unit just has boring cheap plastic with a crap logo on it. Any idea if these are available to purchase, and if they are easy to change? Thanks, b6x

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