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  1. Had this issue on my phone, works fine from my desktop.
  2. Paul was one of the first to create an SDK-based ROMs on a Nexus One for Froyo, and the entire Desire port was based on a leaked Desire rom that he adapted to the N1. He's very likely to create a FroYo rom based on a leaked N1 image if he can get his hands on one. It's a testament to the quality of his work that people believe it's all from source and not based on leaked roms.
  3. You can if you select the standard Desk Clock option, apparently.
  4. Why bother putting 5.0.4 on when a week later we'll see 5.0.5? And 5.0.6 a week after that. There's always another version just around the corner.
  5. I know this is a long shot, but is there any chance of getting Metamorph built in? I'd love to be able to toss a metamorph.zip up and have it pre-theme everything. Also, hoping for soon.
  6. Try NubDialer by Wysie from the market. It's an open source clone of the SenseUI dialer.
  7. Is there any chance of seeing a pre-configured Dropbear ala the Modaco rom in the kitchen? I can't seem to get it to work on stock Cyanogen.
  8. Your phone is not your computer. Windows Mobile is not Android. The things you know about other devices don't always apply to Android. All of the ram available to you is available. Cyanogen's rom also does something like pre-fetch on Windows, where it will load commonly used applications into ram in the background to have them load faster. Also, using 386mb of ram is damned near impossible, so just relax.
  9. Paul, would it be possible to get a date or timestamp added to the baked zip filenames similar to the naming of Nandroid backups? I just baked a version with multitouch, and it output with the same filename as the beta4 pre-multitouch. Firefox added a (2), but a date stamp would make it easier to distinguish various baked goods.
  10. WiFi tether crashes every time I run it when I back it in, works fine if I install manually from the android-wifi-tether website.
  11. H is HSDPA icon, 3G will be there when it's UMTS. Lets you know at a glance which you're using. Stock contacts isn't included in Cyanogen, if you can find the stock .apk and adb push it you could replace, but why would you? Everything is togglable and it offers more options.
  12. BTW, Cyanogenmod includes Wired tether built into the rom, no need to include the app in the kitchen (as far as I know, anyway).
  13. Just sent my donation, thanks a ton for this amazing app!
  14. Busybox is part of CM5.0 no need to include it, dropbear would be nice to see.
  15. Never really received a reply, where's Titanium Backup? Is there some reason it's not included?
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