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  1. Hi everyone, I've had my Touch HD since November 08 and everything was fine until I dropped it. Luckily I have insurance and the new phone was delivered to me today. Here's the odd thing, if the backlight of my original Touch HD was off and I received an SMS, the phone would just vibrate to alert me but the screen would still be off. With the new phone that I got today, when I receive an SMS, the phone wakes up and stays awake until I look at the SMS. I've searched in Settings and there's no mention of the backlight coming on when receiving an SMS. If I get an SMS in the middle of the night, the screen will be on until I wake up and acknowledge it. Clearly is going to be a problem with battery life if this isn't resolved. After Googling around a bit I found there's various mention of a Reg Key to adjust, only on this phone, the key isn't there. I looked at Advanced Configuration Tools v3.2 as it lists that it has "Wake up on new SMS" toggle built in. Installed it to my phone and low and behold, the option isn't there. Anyone know how to turn this feature off? Thanks for your help everyone!
  2. Hi all, I used to have a TytnII for work and the XT9 on that was perfect, for me anyway. I know the Touch HD has T9 but is there a way to have XT9 enabled? Here's the thing, I have found reg tweaks to enable XT9 on the Touch HD but it doesn't work in the same way at the TytnII. Just to be really clear, here how's it worked on the TytnII: Type the following: "Hi, how you doing?" Now the next time you type "Hi", a box will appear with "how" next to "Hi" as it remembered that's the last word you typed after you typed "Hi". Now here's the cool thing, for me anyway. If you type: "Hi, how you doing?" "Hi, how are things?" "Hi, how the hell?" The next time you "Hi", the same box will appear but now with 3 options, "You, are, the". You simply select one and it's added to "Hi". Of course, it then offers the next word that you typed after that previously. If you select "You" - "doing" appears next. If you select "are" - "things" appears next. And finally if you select "the" - "hell" appears next. It means in about 5 clicks, you can type a sentence. Now, no matter what settings I set in Options of T9, I get nothing like the above. How do I get the TytnII XT9 function on the Touch HD? Is it possible? Thanks for hearing me out guys B)
  3. Here's an arty farty picture of it ;)
  4. If you click on the images of the C550 (at engadget's website), it takes you to coolsmartphone.com. There it says, "The latest gossip is that the Orange SPV C550 (pictured) will be launched on Orange on July 11th 2005".
  5. Hi all, Firstly I'd like to apologise for not being around much lately. Unfortunately things here at work/home life is getting a bit hectic. I'm receiving PM's asking whether or not people can make amendments to my screen. As I won't be around much (but will pop in now and then), please use this blanket authorisation to go ahead and do so. My only request is that if you are going to make amendments to one of my homescreen, please give credit in the XML or when you're posting your amended homescreen up. e.g. Hey all, I've made an amendment to *insert homescreen name* that Leon1970 originally made. blah blah blah isn't Leon great! blah blah his homescreens are soooo sexy blah blah. You get my drift :D In case you're wondering which homescreens I'm talking about, here are the links: Burnout 3 Nissan Skyline Penzoil GTR Koenigsegg CCR Porsche GTR Mercedes SLR R Racing Revolution Battlefield Vietnam Enjoy :D Leon1970
  6. 882 downloads

    Comments Woohoo! This game totally rocks! I wanted to create a homeskin for it whilst a had a free moment and this is what I've come up with. Please note that I will not be making any amendments to this skin as far as extra plugins, colour scheme adujstments unless it renders your phone useless. Sorry, but just haven't got the time at the moment. None the less, enjoy ;)


  7. Leon1970

    Porsche GT


    Comments I've tried to replicate the clean skin of my Mercedes SLR Home screen but with the Porsche GT. No fancy plugins I'm afraid, just a very simple home skin. If too many people find the menu screens too dark (black background this time around) let me know by replying to this post and I'll amend the XML to show a white (or lighter) menu screen. To install, download the ZIP file, extract the HME file to your phone and install. Enjoy ;)


  8. 534 downloads

    Comments This one's for you Disco Stu. As some of you know, I was very limited to the amount of Skyline images, hope you like the one I chose ;) To install, download the ZIP file, extract the HME file to your phone and install.


  9. 471 downloads

    Comments I know it's not the best racing game ever, but I like the cars in it ;) With Rey Vegafria's permission, I've used the xml file for his Counter Strike skin, made a few tweaks here and there and came up with this. Download the Zip file, extract the HME file to your phone and install. Enjoy.


  10. 172 downloads

    One of my favourite home skin has to be the Counter Strike skin by Rey Vegafria. It's one that I keep going back to over and over again. With the style of his CS skin, I've made my very first home skin, the Battlefield Vietnam home skin. It's basically the menu screen from within the game. With Rey's permission, I've used his xml file and just made a few tweaks here and there. XML, HTML really isn't my thing, but ok-ish with photo shop ;) It's my first attempt of this (including making the hme file) so any constructive feedback would be great. Enjoy ;) Leon1970


  11. Leon1970

    Koenigsegg CCR


    Comments I like the look of this car so I built it as requested by Romone. Still follows the main theme of my other car skins, clean and simple. Hope you like it Romone To install, download the ZIP file, extract the HME file to your phone and install.


  12. Leon1970

    Mercedes SLR


    Nothing amazing, just a clean and simple, non-cluttered skin with a sweeet car. On a slightly seperate note, I'm not the cleverest when it comes to xml, which is why all my skins look the same. I use the same template each time but just change the colours and pics (with the OK from Rey Vegafria for his template). I'm having a hard time to try and have the icon bar appear on every page. As you can see from the screen shot, the icon bar appears on the home page but no anywhere else. If someone fancies having a crack at it I'd be most greatful To install, download the ZIP file, extract the HME file to your phone and install. Enjoy.


  13. Thanks for getting back to me, I see exactly what you mean now. Sorry about that. I'll attempt to fix it over the next couple of days, but to be brutally honest, it was a total pain in the arse to try and get the colour scheme right. Some apps are defaulted to black fonts and will not take on any custom colours listed in the XML. Also the problem is that when you change a colour for one screen, it changes the colour for other areas of the phone making it really tricky to get a colour that matches the theme but works in every single app. None the less, I'll see if I can work something out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention ^_^
  14. OK - Let's try it this way :) I've taken screen shots of the Start Menu and the Calendar on my phone, does your's look different to these? ss003.GIF ss000.GIF
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