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  1. Hmm, so with this ROM, we're back to the inability to send concatenated (>160 character) SMS's again. Any easy fix Paul? Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. I can confirm (for me): - flash is out of sync - Messaging supports >160 chars. Thank you Paul! - Gesture search FCs pretty often (did a wipe and reinstall, no dice) - Camera white balance giving very red hue No major probs really. Just glad SMS is working. Thank you Paul
  3. Amen to the first statement above :(. I know people tend to get excited about new developments, but to be honest guys, we don't all need to know that you've cooked a new ROM and how excited you are about it, or that an issue that's been reported a hundred times is also an issue for you, or, more bizarrely, seeming demands that Paul includes or excludes some new, esoteric or unavailable feature in the next ROM. Because I'm an utter saddo, I did a quick scan of many of the 216 pages in this thread, and roughly a half are just statements of what an overexcited individual thinks about the ROM, with no added new knowledge, and about a third are entirely asinine. I'm not counting any that include a thank you to Paul, which seem entirely appropriate to post. So let's show a little discipline here folks- first, read or search the entire thread. Second, appreciate we don't need to know that you think that this ROM is better than sex- we know how good it is, and what the current issues are. Let's try to help each other, share new findings, and most of all, give Paul and all the other contributors to this ROM a substantial round of applause, without assuming their job includes being a 24/7 helpdesk. Unfortunately I've sinned badly here by doing exactly what I'm advocating others don't do. Sorry. But I think it needed to be said :P
  4. Hi Paul, many thanks for all your hard work on these ROMs. Did you ever get to the bottom of the SMS issue? I'm wondering whether this is also an issue on the Desire- if I can break through the "I'm so excited I'm getting a Desire my head is going to explode" threads in another forum, I'll ask :(
  5. I also can't get MMS working on O2 UK- but I never really use them. Could be related to the inability to send long SMS'es? Or not. :P Hopefully this will be a fix in a future build...
  6. Quick comment on the radio for this build- I have extensively tested ERE27B and the more recent radio, and find that the earlier radio gives me 18% more battery life on standby (that's all I've tested- from a full charge, reboot, no calls or other activity, just the phone in resting state, same location and position). Call clarity seems the same, and I'll now test the effect on battery life when on a call. Just thought I'd let the forum know my findings, YMMV :P
  7. Good luck with that- it's entirely CDMA, so it won't pick up a signal in the UK :)
  8. The other consideration outside signal strength is call quality, and I do find a difference between these. I got the best voice quality (to and from caller) with the ERE27 radio, and the worst with the ERE36B. But a lot may depend on the RIL build as well- my tests were with MCR2.0 (with ERE27 and 36B radios) and with Alpha 18 of the sense build. Voice quality with the latter also seemed a bit better as well. For my money, signal strength is not much use if you can't actually make out what each other are saying :) Edit: 36B radio gives me the worst battery life, so right now there's not much going for it!
  9. Nope, not yet. All UK carriers are focussing on rolling out 3.5G to 7.2Mbps initially, and only Voda has really got there so far (others have spotty capability, but most top out from most towers at 3.6Mbps). AFAIK, no UK carrier have announced a rollout of WiMax yet, although there are some small pilots of various technologies in some small locations.
  10. SMS's of <160 chars send OK for me. Power button works fine. Charging/charged LED indicator still behaves strangely, and SMS > 160 don't send, but otherwise this ROM seems pretty well behaved. No slow downs noted yet. Thanks Paul :)
  11. Thanks Paul. Will that also be the inflection point to fix the SMS issue, or is this related to some other weirdness? Exciting times for us phone geeks, would be much duller without people like you keeping us on the bleeding edge. Thank you!
  12. Thanks Paul. Happy to offer any help with testing etc if it's useful. Another issue with this ROM which has been noted is the gradual slowdown- I got to the point today where flicking between homescreens would happen very very slowly. A reboot fixed it, and it was not related to any running apps (I closed most of them), but did become more obvious after running (and fully closing) NemoPlayer. I guess this'll iron out as the rom develops, but thought it might be worth noting. On the SMS front- once I have had a concatenated message (eg >160) fail to send, I also can't then send shorter messages without a reboot. This is not that reproducible, as the shorter messages sometimes go, but as it's unpredictable I have to keep a really close watch on what the screen is saying when I press send...
  13. Unfortunately using a different SMS client does not solve the SMS sending issue. The problem lies (or appears to!) with the handler that takes the output from the SMS app. I've tried several, and they all give the same problem. I've also tried stock MMS.apk apps from various ROM builds, and they also all have the same issue. From my pretty noddy point of view, this suggests to me the issue is not with the SMS/MMS app :) Paul, can we add this to the "known issues" list please? And thanks again for all your efforts with these brilliant ROMs. For alpha's, they are incredible!
  14. Even though I'm already super appreciative of all your work on this ROM, I would be super-super appreciative if you can come up with a fix for the SMS issue- sadly I'm a txt maniac and not being able to send double length txts is a major headache for me. Now I just sound ungrateful :) I did try pushing old mms.apk's to no avail- the issue appears not to be with the sms app, but whatever handles its output. I'm guessing here of course!
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