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  1. Metafunk

    Disabled my GPRS some how :-(

    Any other idea?
  2. Metafunk

    Disabled my GPRS some how :-(

    Tried both the tools. Data Connection is still greyed in Comm Manager. Any other thoughts? It might have been a registry key I changed but can't remember which one.
  3. Metafunk

    Disabled my GPRS some how :-(

    The Data Connection icon seems to be Greyed. I wonder if that is causing the issue. Any thoughts?
  4. I disabled my GPRS some time ago due to unwanted connections. I can't remember how i did it. Prob regitry update or cab file. Now I can't get the connection back. Any tip on what I can look for to get the connection back on. All the standard GPRS settings are correct. Cheers ....
  5. Is it possible to use Vario III camera as webcam in Live Messenger or another instant messaging program? M,
  6. I was thinking of Google Maps. Do you need to access the web for this or you can get routing etc without any web access. M,
  7. When I ordered mine I was told Maps will be pre-installed on the phone. But I can't find them anywhere. The operator I was talking to said that the only additional bit you get with co-pilot is that you can hear the directions. With just the Maps installed you can still get directions but no audio. Can anyone confirm this is correct? M,
  8. Metafunk

    Unlocking Vario III

    Got the Vario today. Looks great. Its smaller then what I expected. I have requested the unlock code from T-Mobile for £15. They said 28 days. I will update the thread when I get it. M,
  9. Metafunk

    Unlocking Vario III

    Thanks Shuffle. They are only going to Charge £15 and I renewed my contract. I was quoted around 28 days. Not sure how long they really take. M
  10. Hi All I am hoping to get my Vario III today. I need to unlock it to use on O2. Where is the best place to do this? Should I do it via T-Mobile and wait for 28 days or can I safely do it on-line. Thanks M
  11. Metafunk

    The 'I got my Vario III' thread

    Got mine !!!!!!! Yipeeeeeee Flext 20 upgrade cost was £230 On Flex 25 got the phone for £100 M,
  12. Metafunk

    Ameo or Vario III?

    Vario III its is then. Just waiting for T-Mobile to get their act together.
  13. Metafunk

    Ameo or Vario III?

    I am managing okay with the SPV2000 at the moment. My only issue with it is that it uses battery even when switched off so I have to keep chargning it and use it as a main phone. It would be great if I can leave it switched off and only use when needed. Do new Vario variations still use battery when switched off and eventually loose setting if not charged? M,
  14. Metafunk

    Ameo or Vario III?

    I am also in the same boat. I need to be able to get to my servers in Emergency using Terminal Services but don't want to carry a laptop. Trying to decide beteen Vario III or Ameo. Would be great to hear from people who have selected a device for this. Maybe some other recommendation? M, Currently have SPV2000
  15. Got my handset today. Its quite nice and small. Any thoughts about should I keed SPV M2000 or switch to Orbit. Thanks

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