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  1. Strange... I'm using the EC700 to transfer things back and forward from my computer now. I have the EC450 on the plug adaptor. I assumed it was this way as there were numbers that looked like they could be Amp/watt figures and I picked the smallest for the PC connection...
  2. Mine arrived. Ordered through Tesco Phone Shop but they just acted as a middle man with Vodafone. Phone arrived and contains : * 16GB Memory Card (Had seen conflicting info about this) * Screen protector seperate. * Wallcharger with USB out and 2 USB cables with different numbers on them... what is the difference? First thing I did was put my Virgin simcard in and it works fine so I assume it's not locked at all. :D Very pleased. B) Chris
  3. Finally had confirmation of shipping. My Play will be delivered in 1-3 days. :D
  4. I also had the USB driver issues for weeks (Win7 Pro 64 bit) but as I had access to Linux and Win 7 Home 32bit I was okay. Its only recently when I used the VegaTools I was able to resolve it. A word about Virtual PC though, I was under the impression this wouldn't work as Virtual PC doesn't virtualise usb hardware correctly?? I though VMPlayer was needed for this. Could be wrong though, often am. :D
  5. I've ordered one from Tesco Phone shop (Vodafone network, but with 1000 Clubcard points and a £25 voucher) so credit check permitting I should have one in the next few days. :D
  6. Just an FYI, I got this same problem today. I had installed BUZZs kernel and was trying to sort out the wifi issue as well as get the XBox 360 controller recognised when I got this error. (I had ADB mode enabled). Have rectified it booting into the flash mode and restarting. Previously had 1.08 and the older MCR on so am using this as an excuse to install a fresh the latest stuff. :D
  7. Thanks to another user on here I tried Miren browser, its fantastic. :D
  8. Fantastic. Am now using it. Seems to have all the features I loved in Dolphin but with a bit more polish and is more useable. :D
  9. In a dangerously on topic note, what browser are you using?
  10. I think I'll give this a try, I use my tablet as a portfolio and have been using Fish Bowl Photo Viewer (which is beautiful and perfect for the job) but I always held off on putting personal photos on there because the display using the gallery was so awful. ;)
  11. Great app!!! Just an FYI, I also installed this on my HD2 (running MDJs Gingerbread build) and it works on that too. even re-arranges the layout to suit the smaller screen! I think I've glimpsed the future of android tablets/phones co-existing. :lol:
  12. I use gDocs, it lets you create and edit documents and ties up with google docs. It may not be perfect but it's the best free solution I've found so far. :lol:
  13. I had a problem on my phone with the latest update. I had to unmount my SD card To install it. Give that a go. :lol:
  14. So there is, it was late last night and I expected it to be in options. Found it now cheers. Brilliant reader!
  15. Sorry for another post but I've just found an app (had to get the apk off my Android phone) called Pulse News Reader which I think will replace news rob for me. Doesn't support google reader but is quite nice and slickly presented so I'll make do with re adding some of my feeds. If Pulse had Google Reader sync it would be amazing!
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