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  1. sweet! baked a new JR7 rom and flashing as i type. :) JR6 was stable as a rock like every MCR rom i've used! thanks paul!
  2. ahh! makes sense! just put my stock image back on the nexus 7 of course its working today since issues are resolved. thanks again paul for the feedback. we seriously love you for your interactions and checking in on the forums :)
  3. Noticed that on JR5, my Nexus 7 GPS lockon is horrible and non-existent when not outdoors. I compared it to my GNex thats running MCR JB rom and gets lockon in 2-4 secs indoors and outdoors. Any one else noticing this? I'm located in USA, running MCR JR5, updated from JR4 w/o a wipe. Only issue i've really seen thus far. Thanks
  4. did you need to have internet access to your nexus 7 (tethered to phone) when paying? thanks! :)
  5. Love this but one minor issue. Activating Google now in landscape is 'interesting' . Swipe left and then tap on opaque Google circle vs original one swipe up from home button. Thx again!
  6. Thank you paul! baked me a rom and flashing now. wondering if you thought of adding the build.prop hack into the kitchen to get the tablet ui? :)
  7. i've been running this rom since its been released on my Gnex and must say its been VERY STABLE! :) my main thing is to always do a full wipe of all data including data stored in the sdcard partition. thanks again! really am enjoying google now on my travels so far! battery life is onpar w/the stock 4.0.4 i ran initially for two weeks. not sure what else you could ask for in a rom, i like my roms as close to stock as possible, if i want a customized/super tweaked rom i'd go the CM route. :)
  8. ?? they shouldn't be frozen in the rom since Titanium Backup allows you to freeze after the fact. have you backed up all data and try a full cache wipe, dalvik cache wipe, factory reset/wipe in CWR? also be sure to delete the DATA AND ANDROID folders on the sdcard when you plug in the phone to pc before wiping too. i've seen a ton of issues w/various android versions and cache data on the sdcard on the gnex (/mnt/sdcard in root explorer, adb)
  9. i still personally believe the modaco kitchen was having major issues the first day we saw the JR1 released. i know i baked several roms that all had issues installing on my gnex. i then baked a brand new rom late in the night and had zero issues since except the google maps and latitude friends not showing.. i'd rebake a rom and try flashign again :)
  10. loving me some MCR Jellly Bean action on my Gnex.

  11. i believe that calendar appts/events/meetings will show up once your within a 12hr timeframe of the event. i know thats what it took for mine to show up. The cards start showing up after you start doing searches. For example, i'm in Minnesota, USA and did a "what was the score for the twins game last night" and once i did that, i now have score updates and previews for twins games. i also did a flight search for my flight on sunday and but it shows me the same flight # but that leaves today; this is prob because i didn't state the day i fly out and flight #s are reused by the air carriers. as for other things, i get traffic/commute time to my "home".. the location stuff does require you setting up latitude and location history. once you do that, you can then set your home address and work address so that google now can estimate the commute times. i'm making notes on how this all works and hope to write up a quick FYI on google now. i've been enabling location history on latitude since my Nexus One and personally love the location data i have for my phones/self. its purely private data thats not shared publicly; just accessed by yourself and google. also love asking for stats and having google now tell me it; our lady assistant sure sounds nicer and more human than that siri chick ;)
  12. SuperSU working fine for me. i have trackball alerts pro working perfectly too ;) i'm using stock launcher and didn't add nova or apex launchers in my baked rom. galaxy nexus from play store, usa.
  13. i'd go and get the Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit v1.4 which lets you boot into CWR recovery w/o installing it and in turn i would do a system/factory reset, cache wipe, dalvik cache wipe and then re-flash the prebake zip via temp cwr. however, i went from a stock developer image w/root to this rom by installing cwr recovery and then updating via it. i did have a few issues initially today w/kitchen baked roms, i think it was a server side issue since after a few hours ago all of the bakes i've made via the kitchen have been installing w/o any errors or problems.
  14. one thing i've noticed though is that in google now, you don't have the calendar options. i have an upcoming meeting at 9am tomorrow but never get it to show on the "next appointment" command. perhaps it needs to be closer to the time of the appointment? update: i'm an impatient idiot. just needs to be within 12 hours of the appointment ^_^ loving it!
  15. just flashed this today and am loving it!! seemed like the kitchen was having a few issues initially today around 1pm CST usa time, my zips wouldn't flash but baked a new one at 3pm and all installed well! notice that the calendar app isn't showing in Google now. jellybean does feel fast and the new notifcations tray is nice too! :) nice rom Paul!! thanks for the great early rom! feels almost stable release like :D
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