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  1. This copilot 7 is totally worthless on blackjack II. app unlocked, gpsid installed, and GPStest works fine. copilot says gps setup failed. TOTAL CRAP, especially considering that I called ALK first to make sure it would work prior to dropping my $$$. I'll be calling ALK again today for return authorization.
  2. yes, please post any additional helpful info, because this is a pain.
  3. you might want to try the xda-developers.com tornado forum, or more specific smartphone forum if yours isn't really a tornado
  4. SIM-lock is what locks to specific carrier. Application unlock is different, and is neccesary to do lots of cool things. I highly recommend it, and you will be able to do much more customization. But it's up to you. See the Tornado forum sticky for a post with detailed instructions and attached programs to help.
  5. hmmm, are you sure this is really application-unlocked? Did you do the registry changes and run the SDA_ApplicationUnlock?
  6. Actually, even easier, if it is just the Short_AP1 that you want to restore to internet explorer, probably just run this cab, and it should do the trick...I guess. SN_MSN_WAP_Key.cab
  7. Your phone is completely unlocked, just with some (probably newer) ROM versions, you can't edit ROM/system files directly. But here is the best solution that I have come up with. I can't post the link directly, but I'll tell you how to navigate to the file. First, go to mobile.surrealnetworks.com. Press "applications for SDA". Scroll down to TCPMP. Aside from TCPMP, there are two other files listed, TCPMP Hot Keys Device, and TCPMP Hot Keys SD. These latter two files contain a CAB, w/ xml to change the Short_AP* keys to point to TCPMP, whether on the device or SD card. The XML can be changed to make them point to whatever, and I'm sure you could change the Short_AP1 to point back to explorer or whatever you want. good luck.
  8. Hey, that link doesn't work. But it sounds really really great, could you please post a working link? thanks
  9. This might be totally naive, but is there any chance that (if the drivers work on the hermes) that they could be transferred and functional on a Tornado (qtek 8300)?
  10. HEY, I FOUND IT: THE 8300 upgrade: http://www.smartmobil.no/index.php?name=Up...eq=getit&lid=84 only thing is, I don't have the balls to install it because I am worried that it won't be in English. Please try and let me (and others) know if it is in English.
  11. I've experienced that problem. You need to application-unlock the phone. You need to make registry changes and run the SDA-UNLOCK program to do that, and it will be fixed. Let me know if you can't find the programs on the forum.
  12. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that smartphone skins will work on a PDA-phone device. All the software that I have seen so far is one device or the other, NOT both.
  13. ok, I am stupid. I thought that the registry changes would be sufficient for application unlock, but they were not. After I ran the SDA unlock application, the program showed up in 'remove programs'. Then, I removed, and EVERYTHING turned back to normal, including the problem with WMP10 skin. So, have you run the SDA unlock application? I have attached it to this message if you need. SDA_ApplicationUnlock.zip
  14. Interesting. I installed using the CAB file, but the file/program does not show up under my Remove Programs. I am using a qtek 8300. No luck with the wmp11 problem. I am hoping to find a normal/improved wmp10 skin that I can use to replace the files that were installed, but it is hard to find a wmp10 qvga skin on the web.
  15. PROBLEM Have any of you who installed this homescreen tried switching to another homescreen? I installed this on my qtek 8300, and it is great, but when I switch to another homescreen, it keeps the settings for the nature start menu (different background/colors). When I deleted the files, it totally incapacitated the start menu, so I had to reinstall the nature homescreen just to make the start menu functional again. Anyone else have this problem? I really don't like that this homescreen has taken over parts of my phone that now can't function without it!
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