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  1. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    I guess both you are right, the different opinions may caused by following reasons in addition. 1. the latest version is optimized on a pxa270 128M QVGA phone, so phone with xscale chip may have better performance, and memory is VERY important, VGA may hurt performance. 2. it is hard to see if the game is smooth without sound, so when sound is on, the imperfect point is very easy to hear. To Slerpy: the new cache maker is uploaded, use this to make cps3 caches.
  2. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    It seems a long time from last update, there is a good news for you. The new fully optimized cpu core makes cps3 games running much more fast than before. It reaches full speed on my pxa270 400M phone, however, sound is not perfect. The demo version is attached, the formal version will be released very soon :D
  3. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    this version does not include the new sh2 core, the new core is almost finished, need more test the cps3 driver only support nocd version, try google them :) turn off sound, pgm is playable on 200MHz 64MRAM phone turn off sound, cps3 is almost playable on 400MHz 128MRAM phone I will add the new sh2 core in the 0.012. I have tested the following game which runs ok cps3: sf3 new generation sf3 2nd impact sf3 3rd strike jojo's venture pgm: oriental legend knights of valour others have various problem
  4. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    I run the cps3 game about 2/3 speed on a 400M pxa272 phone with sound disabled. I plan to write a new sh2 core for arm from scratch, and it will greatly improve the speed.
  5. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    Sorry for the late comming 0.012 preview version, it is almost ready, it has several big changes including the pgm sound and cps3 driver. mikeeey: ARMV6 i.e. ARM11 specific optimization is not made yet, however, I have reschedule some instructions in the cpu core to give xscale and ARMV6 a better performance
  6. masterall

    PocketSNES 1.53

    MSM7200 use an arm11 core for running wm6. I read the arm11 technical reference, it shows that although it may reach a higher frequency, it uses a more deep pipeline architecture, like intel Pentium IV. More, it has interlocks which do not exist on arm9, thus some code sequences may cost double cycles than on an arm9. However, to rewrite the code original optimized for arm9 to arm11 will fill the gap and be faster if make use of the new instructions in arm11.
  7. Try the most recent pocketsnes 1.53
  8. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    yes, pgm games need a bios zip package which contain pgm_p01s.rom crc 0xE42B166E pgm_t01s.rom crc 0x1A7123A0 pgm_m01s.rom crc 0x45AE7159 Some roms downloaded may already contain these files.
  9. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    Thanks for all your support! mikeeey: Do DonPachi II is not work... And because of some more important things, I havn't work on it last week, it can not finished and released on July 6th, sorry. mastahsplintah: How many free memory you leave before you run finalburn? and try 0.008, 0.009 is not a stable version, with some small game which do not need cache first.
  10. I'm very glad to hear the good news! Thanks for all your strongly support, every emulator will not be so good without your tests and advices. More and better emulators will appear later, I'm sure.
  11. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    Well, in the next version, it supports cache for both CAVE and PGM games, and the loading time for most of CAVE games has been improved. An annoying input config bug is fixed which may destroy your config file.
  12. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    well, more games is about to be add, maybe toaplan and pgm, and I am working on some other CAVE drivers e.g. power instinct 2.
  13. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    repuken2: It should automatically delete cave.cache for all the cave games, I will check Sailor Moon sometime. I tested Puzzle Bobble and all the games you mentioned before during 0.010 developing, they all worked, I will test them again. Top Hunter, Ninja Combat is unable to work. Memory requirement for 0.010 is a bit larger than 0.009, about 500KB-1MB. mikeeey: sorry, the other 1945 related games are neither neogeo nor cps. 1945 is a psikyo 68020 based game, it may be added someday after adding 68020 cpu emulation. But 1945II is a Psikyo PS3-V1 based game, and 1945III is a Psikyo PS5 based game, so they are difficult to add...
  14. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    Yes, in the 0.010 wip version. Maybe this weekend, I will test all CAVE games before release.
  15. masterall

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    I have fixed the problem for Puzzle Bobble 2, World Heroes 2, Super Sidekicks, Joy Joy Kid and Puzzzle Bobble, World Heroes 2 Jet is not tested yet. And CAVE is added, I tested Air Gallet worked well with sound on a 400MHz device. However, the CAVE games using a YM2203 is not supported. NeoGeo games 1945p is added too, but not tested yet.

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