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  1. happen to me once too i had to ship it in - hmm I can't think of nothing myself to do
  2. My PC takes forever to shut down, so I found this nice utility I thought I would share it.. it significantly decreases the time it takes to shut down. check it here
  3. I've never tried it I guess because I never had access to a bluetooth printer... can u even print via activesync or sometihn?
  4. Hmmm why not a quick hard-reset? That should fix the problem, other wise u might have to send it back.
  5. I've heard of a similiar service but not that one specifically - it sounds better then having to check your voicemail/waste min. Hmm I also heard of a service that will convert ur voicemail into .wav and another one that would convert it to text, sorry though I don't know of any speccific companies but a quick google search should bring something up.
  6. Well, we now know who won the world cup, and I'm glad Italy won! How about that head butt by Zidane, do you all think he's as much as a disgrace as I do? What a way to end his career.
  7. so to get this straight, u don't need active sync to transfer files?
  8. I believe u gotta put the files in /Storage Card/My Documents/ - then u should be ok but u gotta copy them over again.
  9. well I have to say, the back of the MTeoR doesn't look good. I seriously wonder why they couldn't get the camera straight.
  10. I would go for the C600 with an unlimited data plan!
  11. whats going on everybody, if u want a chance to win SBSH Pocket Breeze for your pocket pc get your chance here.
  12. can't google some how fix this, it seems way to complicated .. I'm lost but I would really like to have the photos show up since I have unlimited data.
  13. there are a lot of alternatives to wmp 9, including Pocket Music.. I would say consider something else, WMP 9 and even 10 aren't really good or not as good as the other appz
  14. nope, the IR is different frequency (or another technical thing) in which u cannot use it as a remote...
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