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  1. v4victory

    Unlock Your Diamond For Free!

    get your touch diamond unlocked here www.mobilefixed.com fastest online turnaround time unlock by software in three simple click 20 GBP sameday service
  2. Hi Anybody know how to SIM unlock blackjack SGH-i607 Please post a link Thanks
  3. outbound port menu might come up after you succesfuly pair your bluetooth device
  4. v4victory

    C500 ROM Update - backup?

    ;) MS active sync is good for c500
  5. v4victory

    HTC Forseer

    ;) we need a small antena
  6. Even the Microsoft programs it says unknown publisher ;)
  7. v4victory

    C500 BT Serial Port

    I was using Polstar(bluetooth) with my Ipax pocket PC. you have to pair the both device properly using bluetooth manager before you enable GPS on ur device And then from GPS configuration select the serial port normaly port 8 on my ipax
  8. v4victory

    Help with menus SPV C600

    I had the same problem ;) It takes some time to get used to it. if you can see the menu bar on the left, scrol down and select options. thats where you can find the option to customize the main menu bar on the left hand side of the main screen. select file manager from the popup menu and press done numerical shortcuts time is over now ;)
  9. :| So we need to do port forwarding to listen to live streamed Radio ???? just like your IP Cam attached to ur router ithink You need to enable DMZ only when you need to run a server on your computer or on ur device. try nullsoft video (NSV) and see if it works on ur device (you can download the pluging for ur browser from winamp shoutcast website) :idea: My IP CAM works fine on my MDA vario with sound ;)
  10. :?: i didnt have that problem Are you runing the Lokiwiz on Winxp?? you can right click on Lokiwiz.bat and try to edit it and make ur own ;)
  11. pls post our progress on M600 Unlocker
  12. v4victory

    APP Unlock SPV C600

    regedit.exe digital certificate no longer valid we need a new one

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