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  1. Has anyone come across a site or company which would sell an actual Treo 750 replacement casing? Mine's a bit knackered and i wanted to give it away once i started a new contract, but can't find anyone who actually sells replacement parts... not sure if it would be worth contacting palm themselves as they don't sound too helpful with respect to fixing up old gear.
  2. Sadly, after a weekend of use, it seems the upgrade hasn't sorted my Treo's nasty habit of remaining in Phone Off mode after i try to turn it back on again; a hard restart is still needed to get it up and running.
  3. Sounds good! Looks like i'm going to have to wait till i get home anyhow... the installer guide says you're supposed to have the USB sync cable and the power cable attached during the upgrade, and my power cable's at home. Doh! :S
  4. Agh... i'm stuck at work with the boss giving my screen the evil eye... all i want to do is update this puppy now. Must get Orange network settings now!! ;)
  5. Rather than a sim lock, will the update nullify my unlock? I've been trying to hunt down info on other handsets that've got upgrades, but i can't seem to find whether the imei-unlock that i've applied will be destroyed and the handset returned to Vodafone? The other thing i was wondering was, will the upgrade preserve my Orange network settings? I would've thought not, but was just wondering about whether it would return them to factory HTC default or Vodafone default. I was guessing Vodafone, but i'm just being nosey =)
  6. Announced yesterday, here's the link to Palm's site: http://euro.palm.com/uk/750update Now that it's finally out, i wonder, will an upgrade mean that the unlock will be wiped out? Will the handset revert to being locked to Vodafone? Has anyone had any experience in other machines being reset to their original carrier's lockdown? Hope not, i can't wait to try it out...!! XP
  7. I've been trying to setup the display and key options on my Palm, but i can't seem to scroll either with the scrollbars or using the touchscreen...? my display is 240x240 so it looks great, the games are just showing up as a bit too wide for the screen. Is there something i'm missing?
  8. Has anyone found a working version of either? I've tried something called 'picodrive', just keeps returning a 'not a valid win32 application' error no matter what i do. 'Pocketgba' won't load on to the palm and 'pocketgenesis' comes back with the win32 error as well. I'm looking for something that would work for windows mobile 5.0.
  9. I've downloaded and tried to install this PHM Registry Editor v0.7 on my 750v, but i can't for the life of me find where it is. Should it be showing up in my main programs screen? Or does it work by allowing you to edit the PPC's registry from the PC? I can't help thinking I'm missing something here. I've installed the .msi, but it there are no confirmation steps once it's done, it just throws up the PPC's 'Add/Remove Programs' dialogue. is there a step i may have missed out here? I tried rebooting the Treo (removing the battery at least) but it still isn't showing up in Windows.
  10. I think it was something to do with Orange MMS, to be honest. I had the service discontinued as i never use it, and after a day or so the message disappeared. It looks like there was a message sitting in the outbox which just wouldn't send for some reason.
  11. Could anyone recommend a decent one? I like the look of this Total Commander, but the compatible processor list mentions nothing about Samsung processors, and the list of unsupported devices includes Palm. I'm assuming they mean Palm's OS, but i can't find out what type of processor (ARM, XSCALE etc.) the samsung 312mhz actually is. :S
  12. Hmm, i tried the Core player but it was choppy as hell. I don't think i've tried that encoder yet, so i'll give it a shot; most probably my quicktime encoding was up the pole. Thanks for the info :rolleyes:
  13. Has anyone got this right yet? I tried with one of my sitcom episodes a while ago but it was pretty sketchy. Any preferences out there for settings and apps used to get vids onto the beastie?
  14. stripeycat

    N95 on t-mob

    Well, i managed to get one off the Gumtree.com website for £190... advertised on there for about a week and a half, after adjusting the ads to get the scammers off my back; the site is crawling with scumbags trying to sell you 'quallity phone at sensible price'. Bastards. Anyhow, went down to Fulham after this lad mailed me and i'd checked him out with a few mails to see how bad the deal might be beforehand. Nice enough kid, not too bright, and in the space of a month he had managed to put his t-mob N95 through some pretty serious paces. He told me the phone had been out of its box for maybe three or four hours, if that; a quick look at the photo gallery and the upgrade receipt suggested otherwise, as he'd had it for a month and there were over a hundred photos on the microSD he gave me (not the standard nokia card either). The screen bore the kind of residual gunk just around the edges you would expect to find on a phone that had been used. The slide mechanism was already showing some signs of loosening up, and the packaging looked like what was left of last night's boozy takeaway. Nevertheless - i tried the phone out, checked that it all seemed to be working (from what i could see), and took a chance. Sold it yesterday on ebay for the same price (45 seconds after listing started!), and i'm glad i tried one out, if only to satisfy my curiosity. If you're a nokia fan, i think it could be the phone for you. Nice camera, but the symbian operating system was one of the most dire things i've ever used. Slow (not too much ram on the phone), and the graphic treatment and fonts they ship it with are horrific. I suppose you could always build your own themes but i don't know how customised they can be, and to be honest i'm still no fan of Java. i'll stick to WM5 until someone puts out a more uniform nokia or sony ericsson. Also beware the N95 slide... since trying to DIY the one i bought, i've read up on plenty of disappointed folk who've sent one, two and THREE handsets back to base with complaints of unacceptably rickety slider faces. The guy i sold mine too hasn't come back yet, but for me, spending any money at all on a phone, especially one that new and that far down the line of slider-based handsets, means it should be airtight, even after four weeks of hard usage. My point was (yes, there was a point! :rolleyes:) if you keep your eyes open, look out for the d!ckheads (and there are DOZENS on ebay and the gumtree) who are trying to scam you out of your money, and don't appear too desperate to get your hands on the phone, i still believe you could get a new N95 in the form of an unwanted upgrade for between 200 and 250 pounds. Wishful thinking maybe, but the N81 and other new N series phone will be out soon enough, so the price on this baby should start dropping in the next month or two at least!
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