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  1. Great work. Helped me use a PPC app to get rid of an annoying startup message on my SDA. Thanks!
  2. murse

    Theme Changer Mashed My Phone

    Has anyone found a solution to this? I also have this problem on my US T-Mobile SDA. UPDATE: I was able to get this fixed, but it requires some work. It involves installing a PPC app that allows you to edit event logs. To run the app you need to install a utility called fakecursor, because the app will only respond to cursor inputs. Check out this thread for fake cursor: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=231575&st=0 Follow the instructions and it will work, but it can get tricky. Make sure to run the app the first time through the file manager, then the hotkey will work. I used the same hotkey that the author of the app used to make it simpler. This thread will give you a link the the PPC app that you need and how to get it to work: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=222945 After you run the PPC app from your PC, you have to find the CAB that was extracted into the Activesync folder on the PC. Double-click the CAB and copy out the XXX.001 file...rename to XXX.exe and copy it to your program files folder on your phone. Then you can run it from there using a file manager. When you get everything working, you have to delete the themechanger.exe entry in the event manager. Double click and a popup will say "delete." Click on this. You will get a confirmation dialog, but you won't be able to confirm because fakecursor disables all the other keys. So, push the hotkey to exit fakecursor. This will take you to the homescreen. Use the back key to go back to the confirmation dialog. Then you can use the softkey to click "yes." I also ran the "clear" button at the top of PPC app screen, but I don't know if it's necessary. You can then exit the PPC app by using a task manager. It is some work, but it fixed the problem. Good luck.
  3. Similar problems listed in this thread: http://www.modaco.com/Menu_doesn_t_appear-t233196.html Ended up doing a hard reset to get things back to normal. Proceed with caution.
  4. Well, I tried to uninstall the theme again, and it still leaves my menu inaccessible. Acutally, it's accessible, but you can't see it on the screen. If you hit the start softkey twice, you are in the menu, but the homescreen image stays on the screen. Remembering where the icons are, I can navigate to settings, for example, but I have to do it blind. I'm no expert on how this device operates, but my guess is that when the theme changed the background image on the menu screens, it didn't restore them when it was uninstalled. That is the only problem left over. After uninstalling, Media Player is back to normal and the original name of the device is restored in Activesync. Any advice on getting my menu back? Is there a registry setting or something that I can change that will point it back to the right menu screen?
  5. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this theme off of my phone without losing my menus or media player?
  6. I installed this theme and rebooted. It seems to work fine. I changed the homescreen and uninstalled. I then rebooted. Now, my menu is gone! I hit the start button and it just says "start" at the top, but the menu never shows up. I had to reinstall it just to get my menu to show up. I've tried installing and reinstalling twice with the same result. No matter what homescreen I choose, the Nature image always stays in the background of the menu screens. It also wiped out the Media Player skin. Am I stuck with it just to keep my menu? I appreciate the hard work that went into creating this, but I would proceed with caution when installing this one. Someone commented about how it "takes over your phone" and it does. It also changes the name of the phone shown in Activesync to "Nature". My phone is app unlocked, btw.
  7. I just ran into this problem with a new SDA after moving the mail and IE cache to the card. A good explanation of the problem is HERE I renamed Storage Card to Storage Card3, restarted the phone and everything was fine. It will probably happen again until I get a faster card.

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