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  1. bananas78

    Co Pilot 8 is here

    I decided to get this evening. Strange thing is I purchased it for £25, downloaded and installed fine. I also downloaded the free copilot central Browsing the maps the UK and ireland map shows the price of £21.99 Any ideas, 186mb for £21.99 version 204MB for £25 version
  2. Hi How do you do a hard reset on diamond The problem is real strange anyone come across this Configured windows live on phone, went to email clicked on possibly spam email. opened and went to site. Now when I use hang up button to lock phone it goes to the phone function and fills the number field with a loads of characters ? url? its keep going and I need to turn the phone off? Malformed email? Any ideas?
  3. bananas78

    New Owner - Wifi & GPS Questions

    Hi do you have any Mac address filtering on your router? as you have a new device you would need to add the diamonds mac address to your allowed list? You could also try setting the winmo to use a user assigned ip address?
  4. Thanks A hard reset will reset everything? I would need to reinstall all apps? Anyone recommend a good backup utility? I can do this as its only the navigation key that is playing up
  5. Hi all I have a m700 from orange for 9 months and the up,down, left right and centre key is no longer working. I rung orange and spoke to techie, he advised a hardware reset, which did nothing, as the buttons are not working. They confirmed faulty. The ISSUE. They say I am only covered by orange for 6 months, and that I can either pay £30 plus 12 months subs to orange care to get it repaired. or contact HTC. I contacted HTC and they will look at the phone but at cost to me for postage, plus i will be without a phone for 5 days. Can anyone tell about the hard reset, it says press send, is that the button that is not working? I have now sent orange a letter quoting the sales of goods act for faulty good as trading standards have advised they would be in breach of contract. requesting a repair/replacement direct from orange. ANyone else had problems like this?
  6. bananas78

    Windows Live displaying '30 day trial' prompts?

    I remember a post somewhere on here where you could get msn messenger 2002 installed and running fine its involved the 2002 cab and then an upgrade. Both available to download from MS. Anyone remember this
  7. what a great little app, unfortnately battery is 0% so will have to wait till i get home from work and get my phone charged. Managed a small playaround and its seems very smooth and responsive.
  8. thanks for your advise, i checked under memory and it still showed that 900mb was still in use, I tried a fix, to rename storage card to storage card. and rebooted and deleted the folder then rename storage card 2 to storage, after another reboot, it all came back. I would recommend not ejecting the card whilst in the phone, as phone tries then create a new folder and this where is goes all pear shaped
  9. Orange m700 sandisk 2gb card I turned on my phone the other day and on bootup it could not find a few programs It would appear the ones that are on the storage card. Browse the storage card on the phone shows the folder to be empty apart from a few files, so basically I have lost everything on my card I now have a folder on their called storage card2???? that has appeared again those few files are their but not my programs, video, pictures I plugged in usb and browsed via ACtivesync and nothing either Has my card wiped some how? anyway to recover, I could try in card reader but I think the files are gone????? any ideas
  10. bananas78

    FREE CooTek TouchPal v1.0

    Move this post if required. I download and installed the touchpal cab to storage card, soft reset the device and went into settings>input and selected touchpal. trouble is it will not change to touchpal, bizarre though only the keyboard option is available, the block reconiser, transcriber, etc are available but cannot change to them. SPV M700, orange, happens on my friends phone aswell ???
  11. cool i been using log me in for ages on my machine and use my spv m700 to remote control my pcs. I have install hamachi on pc and works fine, downloaded the cab for windows mobile, installed get the error failed to connect to hamachi network adapter any ideas?? thanks
  12. By default when I receive a pic, etc over bluetooth it goes to my device Is there anyway to change it so it defaults to the storage card. Also text messages, outlook mail, etc I would like all things saved to storage card, I have pocket IE cache cab and that works a treat to redirect internet files to the storage card
  13. Is there a way to change the Internet explorer cache to the SD card? thanks
  14. bananas78

    browsing on 3g or g

    The signal is fine, i have the connection bubble saying connecting to orange wap connecting to gprs, 3G In bold How do I change to use Orange Internet thanks
  15. i have got 2 months evening and weekends orange world. I have connected to internet explorer using wifi up to now problem is I am trying to access orange world on the 3G network and it does not find the site, the bars show it is connecting using 3G, yet wont find any site let alone orange world It is something I have done with activsync, or pocket IE settings? thanks

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