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  1. Hi, I have an SPVM1500 as well, with OS version I've just bought TomTom Nav 5, and another OEM Bluetooth GPS Antenna. Everything seems to work fine, the SPV `sees` the BT GPS Unit, pairs correctly, shows lots of satellites, yet whenever I run the tomtom software, it cant find the GPS unit ? TomTom is version 5.100... I've tried to upgrade to latest patch but it wont let me. any ideas ?? Do I need WM OS 5 ?
  2. hi, looking at getting a M1500 myself from Orange... asked their techy support for help, but got no real joy from them. The on-line manual they told me is `generic`, so they claim the phone can't voicedial at all... any luck trying this out yet ? Also, what's the video recording like ? cheers, alun101
  3. Hi all, About to upgrade to the Orange SPV M1500 and wondered before I did, if anybody could answer a few questions for me, as Orange Tech Support are complete muppets and keep referring me back to the manual (which I don't have as I don't have the phone yet ! basic I would have thought) 1. does the Fonix voice dial software come with the phone from Orange or not ? I've heard both yes and no... so anyone with real experience please let me know.. I think its about $16 to but on-line if not. 2. I have heard from a freind with an M500 that he can't voice dial using the bluetooth headset... yet he can with the `plug in` headphones... is this a common problem with SPVs ? 3. What is the best bluetooth headset for M1500 ? I bought one of those clip on ones earlier in the year for my other phone but it didn't work. 4. On the topic of handsfree... I'm looking for a decent handds free bluetooth car kit for <£100 any experience / ideas ? 5. The phone looks pretty good... do you know if I can assign .wav files as `alarm clock` sounds like I can on my Sanyo ? 6. Apart from the M5000 (=brick) are there any plans to release a similar sized phone with 3G capability (video phone) ? Thanks for any advice you guys/gals can send over before I waste any money !
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