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  1. What ROM's are you using? What are available? I've had some bad experiences with some down right crap and ugly custom ROMs so is the default HTC one available? I'm torn between this device (upgrading from my Vario III) and the G1 but as you say the lack of Exchange and TomTom puts me off.
  2. Thanks guys will check that out :D
  3. Hi there, I'm going to Canada for a couple of weeks and need a good way to stop all my lovely data using applications to stop connecting to the internet whilst I'm away.. Is there a really easy way to do that? Something I can install that just turns data off? Thanks!
  4. Ah it would help if I read! Sorry! :D The turbine thing is super awesome though! Can't believe you get enough power to charge your phone! ace!
  5. But if you go flying off your bike, you bring your phone with you :D
  6. No problems. I have no idea what causes it, luckily I use PHM regedit and it seems to have automatically created a favourite for that key so any time it happens it doesn't take it long to reset it back to 0 :D
  7. This is quite annoying, it happens sometimes. Do you have a registry editor? HKCU\Systems\State\Messages\MMS\Unread .. I bet that's "1" even though you have no unread MMS. set it to 0 and you're done.
  8. Ohh 'ang on. You're not supposed to tether to a laptop with original W 'n' W are you? Although if you're seriously thinking about doing it just for your holiday, they won't notice. People do a lot worse! If you're really worried pay the couple more quid to get 3gb and use it loads and loads :D it's great having internet anywhere.
  9. What gives you that impression? Standard W'n'W is good for 1gb. I wouldn't worry. The dongle thing has a 12/18/24 month contract or something, so completely pointless spending all that money on something you don't need.
  10. This is one of the reasons I just gave up and bought a new iPod instead. Sound quality is better, more storage, and a million times better battery. This was because if I moved mine, it didn't just cut to mono (which would be fine) it actually "unplugged" completely and the sound would come blaring out of the speaker. Quite embarrassing! I know my iPod won't do that.
  11. I think T-mobile changed it. I get "H" at all times now, whereas before I only got H when it was actually communicating.
  12. So the HTC official video performance stuff, does it speed up things like the screen switching from portrait to landscape?
  13. Oh hot. I just posted in the other thread asking and you answered all my questions. Nothing special needs to be done for a Vario III that's never been flashed before right? it knows all the network/MMS settings? Cheers!
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