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  1. Wow, I suddenly realised that I still have my SPV C500. I moved to Korea a couple of years ago and brought my c500 with me, but it didn't work when I first arrived and my company provided me with a free phone anyway. So it has been lying in my draw for 2 years. Then I came across it the other day and thought I may as well try to get it working. I'm a bit out pf touch with Smrtphones at the moment so thought I'd ask here. Is there any way to unlock it so that it will work in Korea, using a Korean sim? Would I just have to unlock it the same as I would in the UK to get it working on any network. Any advice? Cheers
  2. artyom

    Bluetooth problems

    have you made sure that your bluetooth connectivity is set to "discoverable" and not just on??
  3. artyom

    Who will win the world cup?

    i take it you've seen the advert on the bbc too, i also think its quite funny :)
  4. ok it's working now, didn't do anything to the phone, just tried it again and it worked!!! strange but hey!
  5. yer i went into regedit and changed the values to the one that you gave on that guide, but i still get "0-0" i do live in an area where there is not brilliant reception, could thhat be causing a problem?
  6. Hi, just downloaded the software and installed it fine on my spv c500. my phone is definatly app decertified and other programs work fine on it. i go to settings|hardware and choose spv c500, when i click refresh, i just get "0-0" ive tried it for all of the phone models on the list and tried selecting different ports, is there a certain port i should select, or am i doing something else wrong?? Thanks
  7. artyom

    Clock Resets Itself

    my c500 is the same as well, is it possible to replace the internal battery?? its annoying especially as you have to take the battery out to remove the Mini SD card
  8. The internal microphone of my c500 doesn't work at all, it wont pick up any sound whether it is a phone call, voice recording/video recording etc. If i plug the headset in then i can talk fine on the phone, so i'm guessing that the internal microphone is broken. is it worth taking it to a shop to get it fixed, and if so should it cost a lot or not, thanks
  9. i have a c500 so not sure whether it will be the same or not, and i presume when u say start screen u mean start menu, the way i found to do it was by using smart explorer which u can download from www.binarys.com then navigating to storage|my documents|windows|start menu and then delete the shortcut in there as i say i have a c500 so might not be the same, and there might be a way of doing it without downloading smart explorer, but that is the way that i delete icons
  10. artyom


    some phones do have a cradle, i got one for my spv c500 http://www.typhooncradle.com/
  11. artyom

    Cant play mp3 files - 0x80070003

    not too sure what the problem is, i presume that you are trying to play the mp3 through windows media player, if so, then try downloading tcpmp from http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/download which can play mp3's, or it could be the file itself that is corrupt, so you could try asking your brother to send it to you again to see if that works.
  12. In the summer i'm going to australia, vietnam and thailand, i want to be able to use my spv, mainly to contact friends who will be with me abroad, but also to use to send txt back to the UK, i have unlocked the phone to all networks, and am just looking for advice as to what to do, will my sim work abroad, if so will it be expensive, or should i buy a sim card while i'm abroad to use in the phone? any help or advice will be much appreciated, thanks
  13. artyom

    BlueTooth problems

    http://www.modaco.com/SPV_E200_VOYAGER_Blu...X_-t210694.html Try this link it might be the cause of your problem, the file may be too large
  14. how can i unlock my spv c500 to all networks? thanks
  15. artyom

    C500, Dual SIM and O2

    i think that it has something to do with the two sim cards being different, i.e. PAYG and contract, i think that you can put a PAYG sim into a contract phone but you can't but a contract sim into a PAYG phone althought i am not 100% sure on this. anyone know any more about this?

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