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  1. Also depending on how you use things it may hinder you, I'm dabling in Windows Phone 7 on my HD2 and have found out that you can't sync multiple calendars from Google. You have to use the main calendar...it seems like the new Mango update may have this for Live and Hotmail but it doesn't appear it will be that way for Google. Since I've used Android for so long I've grown use to the Google calendar and share my calendar with my wife but I can't use WP7 as my daily driver since I can't get my calendar. The apps are growing it appears but there are some limitations out there compared to Android that you may be used it or enjoy. I would suggest that you play with a WP7 somewhere and see what it has
  2. I've tried the cab install and my own install and for some reason I can not get it to go to the Inbox on my SDA....don't know if it's my phone or the user error
  3. I like the way it looks, and wonder how it is compared to say the SDA that I already have. The SDA has REALLY small buttons for my fingers Brian
  4. Sorry if I missed it in the threads that I have been reading for the past couple of days but I'm trying to get my right soft key on my SDA to say "Messages" and go to the inbox. If anyone can let me know if it has been successfully done that would be nice. If not maybe going to the screen where it gives you the three options (text, outlook, mms) Been trying to mod the crap out of the SDA to my liking.. Thanks, Brian
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