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  1. The Nexus was the flagship & development phone, it was always going to be perfect, or as near as damn it. And Desire is almost an exact replica, as far as hardware is concerned. I'd wait until the HD is release before singing it's praises...HTC are far from perfect!
  2. Great app. But the widget is utterly useless. It works for the first few times then stops working altogether, and you have to remove it and add it before it works again.
  3. thecresta


    I've found something similar: A Longcat
  4. Damn Quadrant results! Mine was 2100+ following the lag fix and was as slow as ever! I want to FEEL the difference! Might give this a go, feedback sounds good :huh: ;)
  5. I've always got mine in a soft Mofi pouch. Case and button has a few tiny scratches but nothing major. HOWEVER I've recently noticed a nice little hairline scratch right down the middle of the screen. I'd imagine it was caused by the marble fastening on the pouch, which is amazing seeing as the scratch tests around the net showing keys and the like failing to do any damage at all. Also strange is that I can make the scratch disappear - as in, completely disappear, if I wipe it with a good quality cloth! After a few minutes of use, there it is again. How does that work, then? Anyway, the Mofi pouch is annoying during normal use, I can't get it out of my pocket in under 20 seconds and without serious risk of dropping it the damn thing. So I've got an all-over silicon skin, and martin fields protector on the way. That action button is going to take a battering, but at least I'll be using it as it's meant to be used...
  6. Looks interesting, but for the price it's a pretty much pointless. Would be a bit like buying a 15" monitor to plug my portable 3" analogue TV into, when I could buy a 20" TV with Freeview for the same price. :) Windows Mobile ?? :D
  7. Hi all, Was attacked on the way home from the pub last night. The buggers took a chunk out of my face, but more importantly - they took my M3100!. Absolutely gutted - paid over £300 for it off ebay, and no insurance :-( Anyway, enough of the sad story. I was going to get another off ebay, then I saw this post - WOW! Any idea when we'll be seeing this on UK networks? Could do with a replacement handset asap really, but this looks too nice... BTW, I personally won't be too upset if there isn't a flash - the Hermes one is completely useless! Andy
  8. Hi Da Don, You seem to have used the wrong terminology here so it'd be best to clear it up before carrying on. Firstly the M3100 is NOT a SmartPhone, it is a Pocket PC Phone, so you have posted in the wrong section. Hopefully a friendly admin will come and move it for you. There is a specific section set up for the M3100 (or 'Hermes'). By 3G sim, do you mean the network '3' (or Three)? Most (it not all) networks now offer 3G services and sims. By 'WiFi', do you mean you are trying to connect to a local router or access point (such as on a home or office network)? If so it doesn't matter if you are on 3/Orange/T-Mobile etc... the settings will depend on the router/access point you are trying to connect to. There are plenty of threads in the PocketPC forum on this topic. Alternatively of you want to connect to the '3G' service (so you can access the internet etc anywhere) that is a completely different thing and you will need the mobile network settings... Regards Andy
  9. There are some updated ROMs for this device, but not from Orange so you will need to 'unlock' your phone to use them. Personally, I wouldn't flash anything just yet as the new AKU 3.3 ROM will be here soon, and I'm fairly confident Orange will supply an update. Just a bright light you can switch on and off, although it does get brighter as you take the photo (like a true flash). Don't get your hopes up about it though, I took a photo of someone last night from 2 foot away in a badly-lit pub and it's come out pitch black, even with the 'flash'! BTW, Paul - Many thanks for advising me to get this phone - it's an amazing bit of kit!
  10. This annoyed me too. If I remember rightly you press the 'Wireless Manager' button. This brings up the ring, and then you press down (or up) to get to the options ring...
  11. Strange question - hopefully somebody can help! I'm trying to import a save state from a PC-based emulator into PicoDrive, in particular a 'completed' Sonic 3 & Knuckles save state. I see PicoDrive 'save states' are saved as *.mds files and 'battery backups' as *.srm. I've only been able to find *.gs0 states which are not accepted by PicoDrive. I have tried opened the *.gs0 file in Kega to produce a *.srm battery backup file. But when I put this into the PicoDrive folder and load it up, it overwrites it with a new *.srm file. I presume it is incompatible rather than a bug. I've already completed this game many of times in the past, and would like to be able to select what level I would like to play instead of having to spend hours completing it again. Does anybody know if this is possible? Cheers!
  12. Got a problem on my Hermes (m3100). When I select 'Send message', the message screen comes up but when I click to send the text it doesn't do anything. In fact, none of the options (clear, load from template etc...) seem to work. I have tried sending to a Sony Erricson, Motorolla and my PC but no joy. Apart from that this is a great piece of kit! Cheers OvZ! :) Andy
  13. Hi. Given it a go, but no joy. :D I've just noticed something even stranger - I popped the card out and did a soft reset, but the camera app was still showing the same 'You have installed a storage card in the device...' message. There was no card inserted! :D I've got the strangest feeling I'll be spending my new years break reinstalling everything. :)
  14. Hi All, hope you've all had a great Christmas :D I've got a problem with the Camera app - it no longer recognises my MicroSD card! Well, tell a lie, it does recognise it but only on starting the app up (every bloody time :) ). A message comes up saying 'You have installed a storage card in the device. Do you want to save the captured images/video to the storage card as default? (Yes/No)' I click yes, but it still saves to the phone memory. I go through the settings to change to the card but it only displays 'Phone' and 'Network'. The card still works in every other way - WMP spots it, Explorer too, apps stored on it work fine...etc. The only change of activity I can think of is that I've been taking my MicroSD out over the past few days to transfer photos onto my family's PCs via card readers. I've tried a soft reset with no success (and really don't want to do a hard reset :D ). Anybody seen this problem before? Cheers, and a Happy New Year to you all! Andy
  15. Hi All, I'm getting a strange button conflict in PocketSNES / Picodrive (I haven't tried any other emulators). For example, in racing games when you press the D pad to turn whilst you are holding down the accelerate button, the accelleration will cancel out and the button will temporarily re-map itself with the D-pad direction. So instead of turning a corner whilst accellerating, you stop moving forward but carry on turning. :) Anybody else have this problem? Cheers, Andy
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