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  1. does any one know if the touch pro 2 or htc rhodium have the same hard ware capability ?
  2. Did any one download it and run it successfully yet ? how bout a few lines of how it is ... for the rest of us
  3. No Joy !! I still do not see IMAP option in settings. What I did so far ... language has always been "English US" I have plain vanilla gmail account I did have POP enabled. I disabled POP from "fowarding and POP Section Logged in, logged out Can others confirm ... or maybe set up a POLL ?? Pankul
  4. forgive me for being ignorant .. bu where to downlad the latest version from these days? the regular site seems to be down ?
  5. few things you can do ... read this ... http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=239456 then get the files from http://mobile.surrealnetworks.com/Dash%20A...My%20E-Mail.cab I have not tested the cab myself, but if you need the files the cab has them or PM me.
  6. There is even a PDF reader on the Phone, and it is SOOO MUCH FASTER ..
  7. I have been using this ROM for quite some days now... VERY Happy with it. No regrets. The phone is very responsive, HTML mail is NICE (works only on POP/IMAP accounts) Exchange users still see plain text emails, unless they have their organizations shell money out money for Exchange Server 2007 Bluetooth Headset profile seems to be enhanced. I pair this phone with my car Acura TL 05, and now I see Battery Strength, and Signal Strength on my Car's screen. Previously I had to install a third party utility from jetware mobile. http://www.modaco.com/Improve-your-Bluetoo...le-t244846.html Cannot say if bluetooth Phone Book sync etc works by default also, since my car does not support that, You can also setup the phone to check email every 5 mins... instead of 15 mins. Most welcome feature (very subtle) is the Dialer App seems even smarter. 1. you can now dial 1800 Flowers directly from the qwerty keyboard (just hold the alt key) 2. Last dialed contact only shows once instead of many times when looking up by name IE seems to be faster,and supporting lot more non-standard or rather more complex HTML sites. So come on people jump the gun, and do it up. nothing to loose, and since its official TMO Upgrade, if you brick the phone, or dont like it, TMO should help you out. P
  8. From what i have heard its supposed to come out may 4th. so 2 days early so this is un-oficial release of the official rom. Can you point us to that thread oh enlightened One! :rolleyes:
  9. dont forget to post your experiences of upgrade... so far I have not updated, just waiting a lil bit to see if there are any major issues reported. so far i have read ...
  10. Speaking of Windows Mobile 6, if you're really in a rush to get the new OS onto your T-Mobile Dash, hit up the link at the end of the post to grab it. It's the official T-Mobile release, so there shouldn't be any compatibility problems from having another device's ROM. And since it's the official release, it probably has the T-Mobile branding in there as well. [Edit]As mentioned in the pinned thread please do not link to unofficial ROM downloads![/Edit]
  11. Its true. My friend was on the phone with t-mobile support and they confirmed that they will be providing a free firware update to Dash users. DATE they did not have.
  12. I also searched Howard Forums ... users have reported the same issue ... http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php...ge=25&pp=15 See post 373. I guess those nice freebie days are over ... we will have to revert to proxy settings for now for web access. However I am not sure streaming etc from other apps will work as they dont respect proxy settings. angry:
  13. I am in NYC area, and I can confirm that i have the same problem. As of yesteray 7:00 pm est my phone was able to connect to web directly. But now i cant. I restarted many times, no luck. I guess I will have to revert to the PROXY settings ... which make the browser work. I really hope the proxy settings also make the Direct PUSH work... else I will be pissed !
  14. installed and verified. It works. Only one wierd problem, the new sound for QMark is irritating. The sound that comes when QMark recognizes the bardcode. I am sure changable.
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