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  1. Guys, i asked for a saturday delivery but it came Sunday :s, but still much faster than i anticipated =) cheers for your support, everythings cool, now working perfectly etc Cheers again - Cj
  2. I foned orange on thursday and they just told me to turn it on and off again *-s Reported back to them yesterday and they finally gave in and ive got a new fone coming today. So yesh i should have listened ;) Cheers for the help tho! And they said that i would be charged if everything which is not in the box when they collect it, including "acompnying documentation!" does this mean if i forget a leaflet they can charge me for it ^o) Cheers
  3. Hi thanks, it does just say searching, but i think when i first got it it said denied . . . searching :s what does that mean. Also what does the stop sign by the signal bar mean? Cheers - Cj
  4. Hi wel i've already rung orange on the 0800 number and i received the text messages on a different fone. What i mean by that is when i tried the sim in a different fone i could read the texts but when i put the sin the the c550 the fone didnt even register that there were any texts to view. Im geussing this is the fone's fault and not the network :s it wont even recognize my t-mobile sim either. Cheers guys - ill ring orange today and see what they say. Would they say if i could take it back to the store? Cj
  5. The thing is i dont want to send it off and get a new one bak 2 weeks later? How did this work for you? Cheers for the quick reply - Cj
  6. Right guys (ang girls ;)) would i be able to take back the phone i bought online from orange to an orange (physical) store and get an immediate swap? Cheers i.a. Cj
  7. Ive now got searching on the orange home screen :s what was the stop sign by the signal referring to?
  8. So i just ring them and ask why it isnt working and after that if they dont know, i simply ask for a new fone?? Cheers - Cj
  9. Hey guys, ive tried all that has been suggested except phoning orange, but i would like to sort it out without having to send my phone off for repairs! Please could someone suggest something to try?! This sort of stuff always happens to me :'( lol c'mon guys . . . Cj
  10. Im going to check the imei's and if thats all good ill try a hard reset. Ill report back in a few mins ;) wish me luck! Cj EDIT: well the imei numbers match, wel on the box and under the battery. Its still saying i have no service. Im now getting like a stop sign by the signal strength indicator. What going wrong :s Cj
  11. Hi guys i received a new c550 yesterday from orange, unlokced it etc but my t-mobile sim card would still not make any calls :s i used cert.cab to application unlock and regeditor and ran spvservices to unlock it. Still no joy. I tried my orange sim card and no dice with that, even though it worked perfectly fine on my nokia 6230!! My t-mobile sim wouldnt make or even receive calls!!!!! No signal - nothing!! When i ran g my t-mobile number when it was in the spv igot a service message - "the number you tried to ring is not accepting calls at the moment, please try again later" or similar. I mean what the feck! Can someone tell me what is going on??!! Cheers in advance - Cj
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