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  1. jfreiman

    American s743

    I received my s743 yesterday afternoon from Expansys-usa. I am very pleased with the device so far. I was using a Blackjack II before this and it has taken me very little time to adjust to the new qwerty keyboard. I have a question that I hope someone can answer - where is the FM Radio? I can't find the application for FM. I saw in an alternative forum screen captures of the application and it's location, but I don't see it included on my phone. :excl: -John
  2. jfreiman

    Sync Problem since 6.1 upgrade

    Actually, I reverted to a state before installing the drivers for the Samsung Modem. I had to re-establish my Blackjack with MDC again, but it seems to be working now. -John
  3. jfreiman

    Sync Problem since 6.1 upgrade

    I am having the same issue too in Windows Vista x64. The device is not beening seen by Sync Center.
  4. I purchased the blue one and love it. I've had it for a few days now and everyone who sees it loves the color, well, all except one, but he has an iPhone. :/ I had the red one, but the screen collected with dust and I was told the warrenty didn't cover it. :D I live the blue one more than I thought I would. The white and blue feels clean and fresh which is unusual for a WM phone. Now only if it had WM6.1!!! What a happy day it will be when that gets released!!! -John
  5. Isn't there a fix that Motorola can make? I love my Dig Dug game and it too won't work. It seems crazy that each vendor has to update/"fix" their games to support what seems to be a bug in the Q9h? -John
  6. Installs EASILY on Vista without any special instructions. 2 of my friends as well as I installed the RUU update on Vista Ultimate and Home Premium. -John
  7. jfreiman

    Platronics Pulsar 260 - Useless

    No, I spoke with the product manager today, Lorie, and she said that it was indeed intentional. She explained that the long cord lenth was so that, "women could clip it onto their handbags or purse." -John
  8. jfreiman

    Platronics Pulsar 260 - Useless

    I just received my Plantronics Pulsar 260 Stereo Headset in the mail today. The cable is nearly 43 inches long! What is a bluetooth device doing with a 43" long cable? If you look at their website and marketing the cable looks closer to 9 or 10 inches long. Plantronics Pulsar 260 If you are looking for a stereo Bluetooth headset steer clear of the Pulsar 260. -John
  9. If you're looking for a Bluetooth stereo headset with minimal cables - like we all are, SKIP THE PLANTRONICS PULSAR 260. I just got mine in today and the cable is 43.5" long! Too bad because the audio quality, while not as good as the corded variety was better than my Sony Ericsson DS970. Oh, profile and setup went flawlessy on my T-Mobile Dash. -John ;)
  10. Well, I installed the software from the provided link and upon completion of the installation the software went backt to the Home Screen and came up with this error messge (in large type)... "The Layout you have selected cannot be loaded. Please select a differnt layout using Home Screen item in Settings" After I went into the settings, I reselected my preffered homescreen and all is well.
  11. for me, the built in photo ID support it's sufficient. I have over 400 contacts syncing to my phone, maybe 80 have photos, logos, or other images associated with them. Not they are not very large, but they are sufficient and if they were any larger which I assume would be a priority on any 3rd party programs, I feel as if all of my storage would be gone and my device would therefor slowdown.
  12. What ROM and Radio version is your S620. The Dash seems to have a newer OS version, but an older Radio version.
  13. I have the Dash along with the Sony DS970 stereo bluetooth headset. I have a partnership which includes both Hands Free and Wireless Stereo. Everything works fine for playing music/video files and making call. However, receiving calls don't go through the headset -- they come through the phone directly. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Is this a problem with Bluetooth or is it something with the Dash and/or the Sony profile? -John
  14. jfreiman

    Profile Problem...

    No, and I haven't seen this issue with my phone -- yet. ;-)
  15. I use my Dash as my Alarm clock, just as I have my other HTC Smartphones. However, when I change the time for alarm for example from 7am to 8am I still get an alarm notification at 7am as well as 8am. The following morning -- without changing any settings, only the 8am alarm will sound. Has anyone else experienced this? -John

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