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  1. The SOTI software is great, I use it to send SMS from my pc with my SP5. http://www.soti.net/
  2. The joystick of my sp5 isn't working, I wonder if I can find a replacement keyboard, any ideas of where can I buy one ?
  3. I´m happy for you and your sp5 !! I bought a bluetooth frogpad in order to have a workaround to my joystick problem ;)
  4. Hi: I have a similar problem with a second hand sp5 bought at ebay, my problem is with the joystick it doesn’t move left/up and and is hard to get the “enter” action (1 each 30 tries). I opened the phone and realize that the joystick was controlled by a chip (I was hoping that the problem could be just a little dust or something), I contact club imate support, and ask them if they sell replacement keypad, but they said NO. That I have to send my phone to their service center in Dubai. The problem is that I live in Costa Rica (Central America) so that's not an option for me. When I read this topic I thought, that maybe I could buy your phone, or maybe someone could help my find the replacement keypad in the UK and sell it to my via Ebay or something… I know it sound crazy, but I love my SP5 and it worth the try ;) Thanks Yoel Zumbado From Costa Rica
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