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  1. clive_j

    in-car charging

    While I do agree with what you have written I have never had anything damaged - not even the 12V-USB adaptors from Poundland and I have lost count of how many 12V devices I have directly cabled (ie without any intervening circuitry) whether Garmin GPS, various amateur radio transceivers etc. Maybe I've just been lucky! Still no replies from anyone directly connecting though. ceemjay
  2. clive_j

    in-car charging

    Thanks simonta - I had though about posting a similar response but pleased you beat me to it. I'm not sure why I am reluctant just to try it! I had assumed I would get a speedy response as others would already be doing it (or someone had looked at the components inside and decided not too!). Anyway just invested 99p in a voltage regulator to be on the safe side should your test or others' experiences prove it necessary. Cheers ceemjay
  3. clive_j

    in-car charging

    That has circuitry inside to limit the output voltage to 12V. I have cigar lighter plugs, cable and now the Advent plugs and can wield a soldering iron. I have made cables for several other "12V" devices and run them straight off the car battery (which can output up to ca 13.8V) - but none as expensive as the Vega!! Hence I keen to find out if others have done this succesfully. ceemjay
  4. clive_j

    in-car charging

    Thanks for all the responses so far but I should probably have expanded on my question! As far as I can tell the plug required for the Vega is 1.7x4mm and are available at Maplins. I have bought some and are seemingly a good fit. My question was really has anyone tried plugging a suitable cable directly from the cigar lighter to the Vega? Can it handle up to 13.8V without any problems? Is anyone actually doing it? Thanks ceemjay
  5. clive_j

    in-car charging

    How are people powering their Vegas in-car? Is it up to being plugged straight into the cigarette / cigar lighter socket? ceemjay
  6. clive_j

    please help me..

    ~ with what?
  7. clive_j

    viewing classic site instead of mobile

    about:debug doesn't work on my Vega however.... with the standard browser I can change the UAString by More/Settings/UAstring (last item in the list) and changing it from there and with Dolphin it's Settings and then half way down the page CMJ
  8. clive_j

    Novice requires help on resetting vega with r8 ROM

    I struggled to do this the other night but a post I was reading said the power light should be blinking. It wasn#t so I removed the power and then replaced it and the next time the key sequence worked. Is there any chance that the charging condition is significant or was it just a coincidence? Personally I think that it's worth trying to remove the charger if you're having problems. CJ PS To answer your question it should be obvious the USB ding-dong is probably the first thing you'll notice
  9. clive_j

    Don't shoot me, I'm only a noob ;-)

    I think it's quite odd that most keyboards don't provide cursor keys for easy correction of typos or am I the only one who makes mistakes? The NI Keyboard is OK - especially for the cursor keys - however I am not keen on the white layout and would prefer predictive text etc. Does anyone know of a keyboard that has those facilities? Can't help with the other matter - sorry CJ
  10. clive_j

    Listen up if you're struggling with USB drivers

    Oh well - it was a great thought and at least you were able to get on with more productive things.
  11. clive_j

    Screen calibration app(from ux100), works on Vega

    Same problem too error "Application not installed" MCR for Advent Vega R8 EC version: 1.9.0 Kernel version: Any ideas? CJ
  12. clive_j

    Listen up if you're struggling with USB drivers

    Did you get many takers?
  13. clive_j

    DSG repair cost unbelievable!!!!!!

    I just tested mine - I have had it nearly 4 weeks - and it slips out very easily, just gravity no shaking - unless of course you grip the case tight to the Vega. Anyway I might try some velcro stuck on the left edge of the Vega and inside the case. The other thought was to sew (or get wife so to do) black elastic between the front and back of the case just below the power socket. The latter would be better at keeping it in position = so the camera lines up with the hole! Anyone have any other creative ideas other than the duck tape (or whatever it was) posted earlier? PS My case is showing signs of wear already around the edges. Is this really worth £30??
  14. clive_j

    DSG repair cost unbelievable!!!!!!

    The case is designed - no it was intended and patently not designed - to protect the tablet. So how can anyone say that it is fit for purpose if the tablet can so easily fall out. Mine has done so already but I was lucky as no damage was done and I took out the warranty too. I think you should go armed with what you can and cause a fuss you have nothing to lose - other than your dignity. However the damage to the tablet might be deemed to be a consequential loss - the faulty product (ie the case) is the bit covered by the sales of good act - and it was probably free so they will probably refund you for that!! Didn't someone recently post they were going to sell their Vega becuase of a broken screen? Maybe you could buy that and make 1 good one. Good luck.
  15. clive_j

    ls command works but -la option doesn't

    Doh! Never use just the -l option so didn't think of that. Thanks CJ

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