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    Touch HD with L26HDV7.5 ROM
  1. when you say bluetooth earpiece, do you mean a bluetooth handsfree earpiece designed for making/receiving calls? if so thats your answer, those devices are designed for making and receiving calls, via a BT hands free profile (HFP) and/or headset profile (HSP) you need a stero headset that supports audio profiles of A2DP to be able to stream music into your head from your touchHD if you are meaning the latter, then more info would be useful... make model etc for starter B)
  2. AEbutton Plus will reassign all the buttons except the home button yes it is supposed to happen and yes it is rubbish, need to ask HTC why though
  3. thanks for the info re skyscrape and sorry to have hijacked the thread :(
  4. sorry a bit OT but also not B) a hardreset every 3 months aint a bad thing, much like reformatting your desktop every year aint, clears out all the kak that builds up etc now the OT bit skyscrape eh? i guess by your nickname, you are a doc? do you find skyscrape software that valuable? im a nurse prescriber for a drugs & alcohol team (psych nurse background) i have to deal with some medical bits and bobs (aside from the obvious substitute prescribing, hep vaccines etc) as many of my patients GP's don't really care much for their "junkie" patients primary healthcare needs..... you think its worthwhile me investing?
  5. not got the issue sure its not your companies server blocking the access via their firewall? im on vodafone and sync fine over the air to my exchange server, either on 3g, wifi hotspots or from usb
  6. show traffic? i didnt think this worked outside of the usa? googlemaps for driving gps isnt really a very good solution and wont have chew into your data allowance too (remember there is no such thing as truely unlimites, i believe oranges unlimited is really 500mb)
  7. im not sure there is any way to really fix all you speak of, mine does it too and ive become accustomed to it so i dont really notice anymore one thing you could try is either hdtweak or advanceconfig, both freeware and allow you to "enable/disable autosip deploy" which basically means wether the keyboard pops up automatically or not play with those settings and see how it works for you :(
  8. old rom cooked rom that i use is great :( youll wait a longggggg time for wm6.5 i reckon (ie never)
  9. hell no, from what i can see the orange rom is pants, be thankful you have an unbranded one or flash it to a decent cooked rom and really see your tHD fly :(
  10. :( dont hold your breath on the upgrade B) "Sadly, Microsoft's saying that no devices in the market today will receive official 6.5 updates, but don't pull out your wallets just yet, though -- the first devices with Windows Mobile 6.5 preinstalled should be available in the fourth quarter of the year." http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/16/microso...ows-mobile-6-5/ "3:42PM Chou just announced -- well, he already mentioned it at the HTC briefing, but we think this is the official unveiling -- that customers of the Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2 will get 6.5 upgrades for free. Thank goodness!" http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/16/live-fr...ess-conference/ TP2 and Tdiamond2 are current as in being released...... our TouchHD's are past releases, i doubt we will get a rom upgrade.... well not from HTC, other developers will release for us though as they always do but then again, wm6.5 is mostly eyecandy, wm7 is where the changes will happen
  11. nope, htc will only be offering upgrades to 6.5 on new htc hardware and as our touchHD's are last years tech, we wont be included. as the poster above said, they are cooking over on xda dev but that is based on a leaked beta rom..... unstable in will equal unstable out. when 6.5 is released later this year, im sure some nice stable roms will be cooked for us. although from what i can tell, there is little to gain other than an 'improved' front end. but i prefer to use spb wares for my today screen even as far as ditching tf3d
  12. i thought that google link was funny as! :( really guy, how hard is it to type 'xda dev blackstone android' into google? i knowit might be an arsey thing to say, but others were not born to serve those who cant be bothered to look for themselves
  13. @wilf. if you ask that quaetion then you have a bit of reading to do yet, unless you want to kill your HD :) read http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?p...lashing%20Guide and then all the info on here: http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?p...=HTC_Blackstone then choose your rom from http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?p...tone_cookedroms you will invalidate your warranty ps i player works fine for me over wifi, although quality is kak
  14. i cant even get the cab :) i do the details on the form, hit DOWNLOAD and the next page comes up with the single word, FAILED :D
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