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  1. i am a unix admin so i know what this command actually does. i would consider it safe. i rarely wipe my phones, so i havent used it.
  2. i believe it was inside a branch. i got the nexus from telekom (former t-mobile) here in germany, i didn't check before unlocking and flashing.
  3. updated bootloader and radio twice by now, never had a problem. rom just booted up and was fine.
  4. nope. flashing of the bootloader does exactly that, flashing of the bootloader. as does radio, and recovery fwiw.
  5. use the command like this: adb shell rm -fr /data/media/* then you should be fine. don't forget to mount "data" in cwm menu before.
  6. for future reference (if someone ever uses the search...) you could have also used adb. boot to recovery, then: adb shell mount /data adb push ROMFILE.zip /sdcard/
  7. nope. but tbh i dont think it is of much interest, so...
  8. radios are widely available on the net, as are bootloaders. what version of the bootloader do you have?
  9. 1. check system/build.prop 2. yes, if they work you can put them in the rom from the beginning 3. yes, be sure to know what you delete (or don't whine when it doesn't work afterwards :))
  10. you f*ed up the zip file. check md5s, they wont match. make that zip again, clear your sdcard, try again.
  11. come on kids, that is (like he said) the stock recovery image every freakin' android phone has. this is how original ota updates are applied. obviously ota updates are signed with a zte key (or provider, not exactly sure), and as long as no one manages to get such a key it is pretty much worthless to us (sure on that one). now move along, nothing to see here...
  12. you can also use 'logcat' in a terminal, i.e. 'logcat -f /sdcard/logcat.txt'. keep in mind there are three logcat buffers, i'd create a script like this: #!/system/bin/sh /system/bin/logcat -b main -f /sdcard/logcat.main.txt & /system/bin/logcat -b radio -f /sdcard/logcat.radio.txt & /system/bin/logcat -b events -f /sdcard/logcat.events.txt furthermore some kernel messages might be interesting, not exactly sure where to look tho. in case of reboot probably /proc/last_kmsg (after the reboot).
  13. the task here is to modify the ramdisk to support init.d scripts. same results here with lzma, not working. are we sure that split_bootimg does its job correctly?
  14. the link to split_bootimage is dead, however i got it on my laptop: [email protected]:~/Desktop/Swedish_Spring_RLS4b$ split_bootimg.pl boot-gen1.img Page size: 2048 (0x00000800) Kernel size: 3242164 (0x003178b4) Ramdisk size: 113808 (0x0001bc90) Second size: 0 (0x00000000) Board name: Command line: Writing boot-gen1.img-kernel ... complete. Writing boot-gen1.img-ramdisk.gz ... complete. [email protected]:~/Desktop/Swedish_Spring_RLS4b$ gunzip -c boot-gen1.img-ramdisk.gz | cpio -i gzip: boot-gen1.img-ramdisk.gz: not in gzip format cpio: premature end of archive it extracts something, but no archive (second line to show how 'file' output would look like for an actual archive): [email protected]:~/Desktop/Swedish_Spring_RLS4b$ file boot-gen1.img-ramdisk.gz boot-gen1.img-ramdisk.gz: data [email protected]:~/Desktop/Swedish_Spring_RLS4b$ file ../Swedish_Spring_RLS4b.zip ../Swedish_Spring_RLS4b.zip: Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract edit: very same happens for gen2 btw.
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