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  1. Just to confirm - I successfully replaced the ROM on my brothers Orange branded phone with the generic one - it was painless :huh:
  2. Actually Orange has been telling it's customers that they will have it in March (although they apparently were referring to it as the HTC Bravo). And guess what - I'm on Orange and am due an upgrade! :D :lol: :lol:
  3. Very zippy and responsive once you get a more optimised ROM on to it. Changing ROM is very easy to do but just be attentive as it could easily go wrong as well! Follow instructions to the letter and you'll be fine. I used to have the old O2 XDA Mini S and I loved that phone except it was just too bulky. The X1 is perfect and is still on the cusp of being a phone. The Touch HD is an excellent device but is too big to carry around (for me anyway) and I don't get on with Touch Screen keyboards... Am currently using the Touch HD ROM and am getting touchflo and Panels i.e. the best of both worlds!!! But as Penguin said it is best if you can demo the units and then you'll know for sure....
  4. Gratz Tim. Glad you finally got one - am extremely pleased with mine and am glad I didn't go for the Omnia because the hardware keyboard is really good for me.
  5. The D-pad is ok- I can see what he means when he says the top part of the D-Pad seems a bit tight i.e. your thumb/finger ends up hitting the screen but I liked the definitive click in it so for me it hasn't posed too many problems (well none actually :lol:).
  6. I think you may already have the answer from the other forums but the exact same happened to me - it's the Touchflo3d.... I have gotten rid of it and it seems ok now (was ok prior to the instalation of Toucflo 3d)....
  7. I second this I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to this one as well...
  8. CPW definitely doing it on Orange - as that is how I got mine! Ask instore or phone them - the website isn't updated. Panther 45 data bolt on is 250mb anytime browsing so that should include daytime browsing (and if not then there are serious words to be had like false advertising!) Enjoy your sarnie - you'll be ok with either I reckon :lol:
  9. Lol - quite. :o Hmmm if she manages to do that for you I wonder if you could put in a word for me as well? :D As I said in the other post Voda crap plus worse deal against losing my number, but getting better deal and unlocked & unbranded phone! (networks are about the same)
  10. Depends on where you are. I used to have a work Vodafone and my personal Orange phone and in Kew (where my ex lives) initially the Vodafone got the best reception. Now it's completely changed and Orange gets full bars there (notoriously difficult area for reception). I found mobile browsing to be quicker on Vodafone although that being said I connect to HSDPA nearly everytime with the Xperia although I do live in West London. Not much to choose between the two which is why it came down to the deals on offer. Although I preferred the black Xperia the fact that the one from CPW was unbranded and unlocked (There are already annoying customisations with Voda X1s - check xda-developers for threads on that) sealed the deal for me. Apart from CS being complete ***** these last two months, Orange have been a very reliable network for me so in that sense I was happy to stay. I found Vodas treatment of their upgrade customers interesting to say the least. All their upgrade customers were contacted when the X1 came into stock prior to retail. In other words they gave good deals to their customers (free phone on contracts ranging from £35 - £45 p/m). I noted that these deals were nowehere near what they were offering new customers i.e. new ones had to pay more. Only Orange (in these last two months) seems to be treating their current customers with contempt. O2 is no go as their 3G network is pants!
  11. Actually CPW did have a few in stock when I ordered over the phone on Monday. They send it for next day as well (CityLink mind). If you are in London then you can get it from their big store near Bond Street or go to Kensington High Street as they are rated as premium stores and hence are more likely to get stocks than other stores. Else you could go to the SE store in Kensington High Street also. You will not be able to upgrade through Orange. CPW do it on Orange but not through as an upgrade. I decided to leave Orange and then found that their Tarrif was the best so went back to them on a new contract. Panther 45 which is 1200 mins, 400 Texts and a choice of unlimited Orange, Texts or Landline calls or 250mb anytime data plan. I went for the data. Orange will be getting the phone but not yet (and nobody knows when). However I can guarantee you WILL get the same hassle upgrading as we did when trying to get an Omnia. When I asked for my PAC code they still said I would have to pay £200 for the phone! Lol! So in the end I realised I had to leave - only to come back as a new customer! Benefit (if you don't mind losing your number) is that you get an unbranded and unlocked phone which takes out a lot of hassle. You can also try mobiles.co.uk which is doing it for free on a £40 Orange Tarrif. CPW will do upgrades on O2 if you are that way inclined. I found the Vodafone 'deals' to be quite poor - I would have had to pay £51.25 a month for a free phone, and I was getting far less minutes etc.
  12. Well it finally arrived this morning after more ineptitude from Citylink. First impressions are that the phone feels like an expensive phone (unlike the N95 which was marketed as a premium phone but never looked or felt like one). Great build, feels solid in the hand - not that much more weighty than the N95 and for some reason feels less bulky. Got it in silver (preferred the black but CPW do it in silver only) which actually looks very good and understated (which I like). Getting used to the keyboard and the sliding mechanism is top drawer! Going from Portrait to landscape is pretty quick to be fair (no perceptible delay which is great). The Panels have lag but not so much that it would bother me. The radio is excellent as is the Spb Panel which in truth is a must as the other SE panels would get on my nerves after a while. Synching was a cinch on Vista. The phone is incredibly fast for WinMo phone and switching between apps is pretty fast. The screen is absolutely superb and was the real reason why I chose it over the Omnia. Navigating around the phone and WinMo in general looks quality and I swore after the HTC Wizard my next WinMo device would have a Hi-Res screen. Screen is very responsive (it still has the plastic protective sheet on until I get a screen protector!) and inspite of the recessed screen I can get to the corners to close apps etc. Multimedia wise it is excellent - got Coreplayer which handles videos etc. really well. As for form factor - well for me it is perfect - large screen and yet the phone is not too big and still feels like a phone i.e. you don't feel awkward putting it to your ear whilst getting a call which for me was very important. That was what put me off the HTC Touch HD (and iPhone) which is an otherwise excellent phone. More impressions later as I get to play more and more. Take heed of the sticky in this forum about Paul's must have apps - excellent choices!
  13. Well I went for it. Terminated my contract on Orange to get my contract on.... Orange! Went to CPW in Ken High Street, went through the rigmarole of details etc. then was told they could not do it on Orange as an upgrade!!! In disgust with Orange I asked for my PAC code. Checked the Tarrifs around and found that the Panther 45 on Orange was the best one around! So I bit the bullet and got it through CPW. I am gonna phone Orange and ask my number to be turned into PAYG as I have realised there might be some people trying to contact me with that number after next month who aren't on my address list.... The phone for me is the right size. Slightly less chunky than my N95 but with a better screen and WinMo :lol: I was really thinking about the Touch HD which is a fantastic device but I just can't see myself popping that into my jeans pocket whilst going out on a Friday night lash (missus permitting of course!). The X1 I can see myself doing just that and it still 'looks' like and feels like a phone which is important to me. Looking back I could have done this with the Omnia (which is also great) but I think I got the right one.... Will give more info when I receive it (hopefully tomorrow!)...
  14. This is really for timking but Orange ARE doing it - but through CPW and the SE store. Popped in to my local SE store and they are doing it for free on Orange via the £45 tarrif. They were meant to be getting stock today but the driver went 'missing' lol! Anyway the benefit of getting it with them is an unbranded and unlocked phone. They are allied to CPW so I guess it makes no difference where you get it from. The funny thing is you probably couldn't get it from Orange for a while yet. I might go for it as I had another look at the iPhone for a size comparison and it feels just too big in the hands....
  15. I *almost* got one last night. However I get more than that on my current Orange tarriff for only £35 a month (back when they liked their customers :lol:). I am more interested in their data packages but to get the phone on a decent price with data i'd have to pay £50 a month! Check out mobiles.co.uk and their O2 tarrifs? At the moment that is all there is in comparison. Although you could ring up Voda direct - more chance of haggling with them (and given you are a new customer they may be particularly amenable). Again I am tempted but i'll wait for things to settle down - by the end of November I should either have a X1 or a Touch HD (or they'll both be out of stock!)
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