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  1. hi. im a xphone2 user. yeah its a smartphone so im not sure if the software tht helps me great deal can actually enhance ur speed or ur gadget. i use speedboost for my sp, it is tremendously minimise lag in btw clicks, even my SE k750i friend was impressed with it. i told hiim, i installed SpeedBoost with pride, he was @@. if u can use it on ur ppc or whtever, u may try it. it is defnitly a must hv s/w for every sp , or ur device?
  2. Firstly when i got my xphone2, i deleted the program without using the proper way in the Start/Setting/More/Remove. Now tht some of the programs hv been deleted/uninstalled before tis but their names still remain in tht Remove section. I wonder if anyone knows how to erase those deleted program names?? Theyr pretty eyesore to remain there tho its been ages i uninstalled them. Appreciated. Ty
  3. I don think HTC Tornado power control works on xphone2. tried it, cldnt even install. however, wanting to set longer time for dim light with backlight off b4 the display goes entirely off. i read from Illuminate 2002 description only mention it can set the backlight on the whole time during the certain program is active or non active. how abt dimlight? i want a llonger dimlight time. backlight off
  4. i really like ur R Racing Revolution alot! THANKS . its my homescreen for a very long time.! The color is blend so perfectly. glowing red lettering is a definite appeal !, on whitish grey backdrop . The namco wording on the top left, and the RRACING logo on the bottom left. just perfect.! However, i wonder if it is possible to make the default car is an Evo IX? if it is possible, u make me the happiest owner !! Because Evo9 is my all time favortie car, esp a white Evo 9. I wld keep the homescreen forever!
  5. Ya'know the 2 buttons on the side left of the screen. Whenever u press the up or down button, the screen will show a Earpiece Volumn and the bar of ur volumn level, of ur mp3 volumn, or speaker volumn it just can control most of the volumns. i dono how i lost it, it too means tht i cant adjust my volumn anytime i want. and pressing it now, has no effect or whtsoever ...T.T how do i get it back? mine is a O2 Xphonell thank you in advance ^^ Have a nice day
  6. ah......when u know its tht password but it didnt get thru, myb it was a wrong one but i doubt it. tht is frustrating.....ah
  7. i think its a good security but only locks the sim card not the phone. i rmbr ive a password with the sim card in my previous hp nokia but it seem tht the new phone xphone2 i kept keying in the wrong password, so 2 attempts failed. im sure the password sim lock is same as my previous hp right.?
  8. only barely a month owning the o2 Xphonell ive encoutered few funny thgs abt the phone. few of them r using camera on low battery, during processing the image instantly after shooting, the busy icon appeared and it hangs from there. the main off switch doesnt work. in fac,t nthg work. i cldnt click anythg or menu, home or hang up. so i cant soft reset thru orneta tester. i cld only pull the battery to shut it and on it again when the alarm was sounding in the morning call, the alarm has intervals every beep, while beeping i press Dismiss (the other being menu) then, the Dismiss/ Menu option screen r no more there, but my alarm still beeping in interval. i went to the alarm menu in date and time submenu, off the alarm. it still sound. im frustrated by now. soft reset it, it still sound. but tis time the Dismiss/ Menu option re appeared, tht was how i managed to stop it from ringing anymore And ther were few more funny unpleasant experiences usually to do with jam/ hang ups while running certain programs in the phone eg File manager but i like the phone to hate it. i hate to say its a pretty unsmart for a smartphone. my ultimate question is. to everyone who have a xphonell, is it natural for it to give problems like tis?
  9. whts a SIM lock? Ive 1 more attempt left @[email protected] will it shut the phone or wht
  10. thnks. i saved ur reply so i can refer back. ^^
  11. i wld like to know the difference btw the two. the method hold left+right softkeys, and switch on the mobile will invoke option to set to factory setting. which kind of reset tht method belong to. and when doin reset, does it revert back to factory setting meaning tht all my contacts will be lost? how abt the flash/ ext storage datas eg photos, mp3s? my definition of factory setting will not delete any of my files but only revert the customisation to default. appreciate reply. thank you
  12. hi. i use a xphone ll by O2. does tis tips has any chance working on the xphone ll? and btw, will hard reset clears my contacts? and wht is the difference btw hard n soft reset? thank u in advance
  13. in the task manager, at the bottom it display free memory. when i first got my xphone ll, i rmbr it had free memory of around 9,500 Kb but now, several weeks after using the phone, upon quitting all progrms in the task manager, only manage up to 7,500 Kb. its pretty horrendous. wher did the 2,000 Kb go?! isnt it suppose to be like the pc's RAM. i know it because i maintain my pc's RAM very efficiently, keeping it top notch RAM tht all my pc applications run without lags even after years of operating it. deleting unwanted progrms in task manager n run the msconfig but then, the smartphone task manager, even if u quit all the progrms, seem tht ther r stil some funny softwares running? i just wanto get back the 2,000 Kb tht seem missing. About installing many softwares, utilities or applications, these r not suppose to eat up the Free Memory ,right? since theyr NOT even running on the back ground. only, space r eat up in the flash or external storage wher u save 'em. i did recently bought 512 Mb mini sd card tho but i doubt it tht its the cause of the missing 2,000 Kb. the specs says tht my xphone ll has 32 MB RAM, then why is it only showing 7,500-9,500 Kb (no apps running: 9,500 Kb when it was new, 7,500 Kb is nowadays) in my task manager? instead of 32,000Kb. well, 28,000 kb to be precise bcus 4 Mb is used on the WM2003 another question is, Wht is the difference btw ROM and RAM. the specs says ive 64 Mb ROM and 32 Mb RAM. pls enlighten. need answer.
  14. hi. im very interested in tis power saving application software. im a newbie so there's lotsa thgs i dono abt. im using xphone ll and i wonder if it is supported? wht is an Omapclock. i don think i hve it, wht does it do or is it required for tis power saving software to work properly? cus i read ppl keep mentioning it here. thirdly, how do i create the shortcuts (eg \ProgramFiles\OmapClock\OmapClock.exe" -clock 228) ? is it available in the menu? if it is then i think i know how to do it. and i can adjust my backlightoff according to a specified clock speed? nice. so, wher do i find tis clockspeed so i can adjust it? is it required a 3rd party s/w? thanks so much
  15. i really appreciate ur reply n explaination. well, if wht u said its true tht it disable almost everythg else, then there's really no reason for hvg flight mode when it virtually dont do anythg, id rather off it when i go to sleep,more energy saving. btw, if it cant receive anythg calls, may as well put on silent mode in meetings n sorts, like u said.
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