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  1. the more I see this alternatives the more I think in WM world HTC is walking alone..
  2. stesa

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    in top bar near the 3G icon there is a " 1 " that i never seen on a WM , what is it ?
  3. tried to install it (via .cab) on my diamond , program wont start. icons in program folder show the gesture needed but also doing it don't start
  4. its a GREAT News !!!!! :D
  5. never seen a so ugly phone :D
  6. stesa

    The Samsung i900 gets real

    there are many internet rumors about the european version that (they say) will be not WM powered
  7. hi joost , is the p750 better than the cruise ?
  8. a new qualcomm one , i think http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2008/02/11/q...ew-of-new-chips
  9. stesa

    HTCClassAction - the HTC response

    yes , it's not a bad device , its' simply a crap :)
  10. stesa

    HTCClassAction - the HTC response

    :) you can't understand what have you done !!! I've had the x800 and its really a crap and have polaris that is the best pda/pe i never owned
  11. you can try a program named "phone screen lock"
  12. I can't say if Dual is the "Best WinMo device ever" but after one mounth using it I surely can say that Dual is the first WMphone more easy to use than a Nokia or anyother smartphone and cells :(

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