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  1. the more I see this alternatives the more I think in WM world HTC is walking alone..
  2. in top bar near the 3G icon there is a " 1 " that i never seen on a WM , what is it ?
  3. tried to install it (via .cab) on my diamond , program wont start. icons in program folder show the gesture needed but also doing it don't start
  4. there are many internet rumors about the european version that (they say) will be not WM powered
  5. a new qualcomm one , i think http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2008/02/11/q...ew-of-new-chips
  6. yes , it's not a bad device , its' simply a crap :)
  7. :) you can't understand what have you done !!! I've had the x800 and its really a crap and have polaris that is the best pda/pe i never owned
  8. I can't say if Dual is the "Best WinMo device ever" but after one mounth using it I surely can say that Dual is the first WMphone more easy to use than a Nokia or anyother smartphone and cells :(
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