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  1. As it says in the title - does anyone know when this is due on other networks? Nothing on any 'Coming Soon' pages, but some time back it was rumoured for a June release on T-Mob / Orange / O2. Could the lack of info be to do with Vodafone's exclusive, rather than the release date slipping? ie. Is it possible that it will just turn up for sale on the day the Vodafone exclusive ends?
  2. I've been offered 24mths @ £25+VAT, free Sensation, 600 cross network, 3000 landline, 250 texts, 500Mb data from.... Vodafone.
  3. Gasman2

    Is it worth it?

    OK - thanks for the recommendations I'm not too fussed about flash. Camera and Bluetooth are really important to me I really like sense, but haven't tried Android without it - so not sure on whether that is a must have or not!
  4. Gasman2

    Is it worth it?

    Really? Are the non sense ROMs really that good? I presume you're talking about 2.2 ROMs? Why are they so much better than a reasonable 2.1 with sense? Is there a particualr ROM you'd recommend? Either 2.1, 2.2 or one of each? Is it easy to find alternative applications if I did go 'non-sense'? Many thanks
  5. Gasman2

    Is it worth it?

    Wow - thanks for the fast response. I'd also like to say thanks for the guide to all things Hero you produced here. As you seem to be something of a 'Hero Guru' (!) are there any specific ROMs you'd recommend me trying? I'm not looking for cutting edge - stability is more important. Speed and added functions would be advantages - I'd prefer to not loose any functions (eg camera) and BT is an absolute must for me. Many thanks!
  6. Gasman2

    Is it worth it?

    I have a T-Mobile G2, still running Android 1.5. I've unlocked it and rooted it, but is it worth installing a custom ROM or should I just upgrade to the standard v2.1 on the basis that a stable 2.2 running sense is looking less likely as most developers are moving on to newer phones? Are there still advantages to custom versions of 2.1 v the standard T-Mob / HTC 2.1?
  7. Donation made - great way to raise some extra funds for a good cause.
  8. Went for the wipe - problem cured. Now works well.
  9. Before updating ROMs and radios etc from a standard T Mobile G2 - do I need to make a record of anything - ie my voicemail number, or T-Mobile settings for internet access etc? If I do a Nandroid back up - will this record those settings and if so, are they then accessible? Thanks
  10. @kendon Just noticed I joined here the day after you - nearly 4 years ago!!
  11. Looks like there's no other option... Thanks all - I'll do this when I get a chance
  12. Not yet... still hoping there's a better way!
  13. No I didn't!! It asked me if I wanted to add them later and so I skipped that step. Is there no other way to access them? Can I go through set up again? Not too worried about wiping contacts etc as they're sync'd off Outlook - but would be nice if there was a better way to get over this. PS - thanks for the speedy response.
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