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  1. my SPV C550 is a day out of warranty and is having issues with SMS. Basically when i recieve SMS messages (not everyone) i can see the message content in the preview, but when i open the message its blank. if try to forward the message i can read it in full, just not when i open it normally :-( further to this lately my phone sometimes just wont send messages, not a problem with network as if i cancel compose (saving to drafts doesnt work either on these sms's) and re-type hey presto it sends? this is the software verions i have installed System|About reads: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15159.2.6.4) Radio Version 140.299.14_0.11.10 ROM update versions: Operator Manufacturer Microsoft 4.21.15159.0 Language File System 4.21.15159.0 is there any updates available? is my only option a hard reset and suck it and see? (just what i need backing up all contacts, uncerting, unlocking, re-installing tomtom etc etc) please help
  2. does it work? i have read somewhere that it does, but only the c600 is listed on tomtom's website.
  3. hi all, i need to find a way to sync my c550 with my contact in outlook. easy done, normally. however i need to sync with just one particular folder, i have numerous as some are work contacts, others personal, etc anyone know how to sync with just one group? thanks in advance
  4. will look at the soft key remapping and startmenu ordering. 6 - was answered by gijsdvm so dont worry about it
  5. i'll pop into orange on monday, gives me something to do at lunch time. ;)
  6. should mms texts send straight away or do you have to manually send them? i have tried a few times it seems i always have to send them manually by running send/receive. if you do have to do it manually is there a macro you can use to do it for you? thanks
  7. (cheers to stu for the editing, i'll play by the rules in the future) cheers for the responce, i'll have a look into the shortcuts ;)
  8. doesnt matter rang the SDA Application Unlock and its made it work.
  9. i followed the guide above and unlocked my phone, the one app i had that said it wasnt valid, hit ok to run, started to run without this promt. so i thought all was well. however i have just tried the IE button change trick and it doesnt work, leading me to think its not app unlocked or something. how can i check? (the reg keys are still as above)
  10. Hi All, Received my phone yesterday, quite impressed up to now but i have a few quesions. 1. Contacts, i have turned the personal filter on but for some reason it turns off, is this normal? 2. REMOVED 3. REMOVED 4. Can i reassign a button to go direct to new text message, like a nokia? 5. Can you rearrange the location of items on the start menu? i.e. my current broken TomTom is on the 3rd page, i find this (when working) more important than says settings. 6. Similar to the above, can you create shortcuts to task manager? I'm sure i'll have more as i realise the potential of this phone, but if anyone can help with those questions for now it would be great ;)
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