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  1. While i cant give you a direct answer, the latest beta of maniacs autokeylock (3.9 Beta 10) has an option to auto unlock the phone on incoming calls and auto lock again afterwards. I've not tried these options myself as i dont rearly need them, but the beta is very stable as far as i can tell, so it might be worth a look.
  2. If you Sign up for the HTC E-Club you can still get to the files. I've downloaded them all, edited my original post and attached them for those who dont want to sign up :)
  3. I've never used the deactivation setting before, just tried and doesn't work properly, the phone beeps and the status icon changes but it doesn't switch profiles
  4. I'll third that :P Plus, i dont agree the screen switching is slow either, waiting a couple of seconds is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  5. hujer.. i've tried all versions of Dontforget2 upto 2.10 Beta 2 and have the same bug with my HTC S710 if vibrating or a sound is played on a notification it will play once only and dontforget just exits. Is this bug going to be fixed for the next version?.. DontForget is great and it's just the most useful programe :)
  6. Connect the phone up to your laptop and let activesync start up, Select the Tools->Options Menu, in the bottom right corner of the options tab there is a button called Settings, click that nd the time sync can be disabled from there. This is from memory so i might be slightly out on the actual menu you need to select
  7. I tried the special version just after i got my S710 and it didnt work Went back and downloaded it again and it works :)
  8. it was exactly 2 weeks between sending the email to HTC and my case arriving.. had they put the correct address on it (or the postcode) i would have got it quicker. Im in the UK and the return address was aswell. It's not a bad case, it leather or some sort of fake looking leather, has a belt clip but you cant open up the keyboard while it's in it :rolleyes: If i can get some decent pictures of it i'll post them.
  9. My missing Vox case arrived in the post this morning from HTC.. The address was wrong and i'm suprised it found it's way to me.. somebody at royal mail must be pretty good to spot their mistake and get it to me.
  10. I havnt received mine yet and i'm in the UK.. so your not alone. My dad got a case included with his cheap £20 Nokia1600.. to my surprise.. it fits my S710 very nicely :rolleyes:
  11. You could try DonForgetV2, that has an option to blink led on notifications.. has some other very useful features aswell Take a look here
  12. some people have reported on here that is does work.. i have never got it to work on my Vox.. get the same error message you do :rolleyes:
  13. I assume the button you mean is the one mapped to the 6 key in CommManager?.. If so, it should only be selectable when there is an active GPRS/Edge connection. If i have the wrong function then i apologize
  14. I've edited the original post with a note for FireFox users.
  15. KillBait!


    seems like im in a minority here.. I much prefer it on the right :rolleyes: .. it did seem strange at first, but im getting to like it more Certainly makes it quicker and easier when looking at the site from my mobile!
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