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  1. great application ?!? hmm, i don't think so... try to use it when writing sms - each time when you press 'action button' a new line is inserted before CopyPaste shows its dialog. If you are selecting some text and want to finish selection mode - you have to press 'action button' again... and what is happening??? your actual selection dissapears, because it is replaced by new line!!! Is there any way to show CopyPaste dialog without using joystick?
  2. pawr

    Google Maps Mobile

    I have QTEK 8310 and satelite view doesn't work ;) . Thery is only an information that the phone won't display satelite images (jpeg).
  3. If you have 1.5.311.2 operator version you should use this official update version: TO_DAN_NOR_2090_253112_020900_Ship.zip . It is posted on www.smartmobil.no and it is for phones distributed by Dangaard Norway. I'm sure this one is right for you. Languages included are: UK English, Hungarian , French, Finnish, US English, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Slovenian
  4. If you haven't try yet please check this ROM update version: It should work with phones with 1.5.312.1 operator version... maybe it is going to be suitable for your qtek.
  5. What is your Qtek current OPERATOR version ? (you can check it in settings->system information)
  6. I also have Qtek 8310 and want to confirm that channels are working with new AKU2 rom. All you have to do is to activate it in Settings->Phone->Channels and add one channel number 50 (do not forget about some description - it must be present!) I use 'wireless home screen' and broadcasted messages are displayed beetween profile name and sms info. There is only one problem... battery... everytime the phone receives new message the LCD backlight turns on.
  7. And on www.smartmobil.no you can find another ROM version for Dangaard Norway (TO_DAN_NOR_2090_253112_020900_Ship.zip). There is also the version for QTEK8300 avaliable. But I would like to know one thing... Curently ma QTEK is aplication and operator unlocked. I know that after updating to 2.09 version I will have to aplication unlock it one more time, but what about SIM lock? If the phone was origianlly locked to some network operator (I don't know if mine was, but...) and someone had unlocked it in some way - will it be still unlocked after installing the update?
  8. I wouldnt like to use CID cracking method yet... I still hope to find right ROM version. As you suggested I checked all known qtek sites ;). I wasn't able to register on any of them, but I found one interesting ROM version on www.qtek.fi. It has name: TO_DAN_NOR_2090_253112_020900_Ship.exe. I don't know if it's important but my actual QTEK Operator version is 1.5.311.2 - and the same numbers are in this filename... in other AKU2 ROMs (that I checked and had VENDER ID Error) it was 253212 or 253221... Anyway, I am still not able to download this file - but if someone has it PLEASE let me known!
  9. Unfortunately, the "nor" ROM version doesn't work on my QTEK8310 - I still have "Invalid Vender ID" message. As far as I know my device comes from Norway, but I'm not able to register on myqtek.com site, and can't use any QTEK update :P ... strange company...

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