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  1. smfa1965

    Five things I love about the Xperia X1

    Just got my X1a a week ago and love it. Thanks to the OP for posting that link for the SPB Panel. I love it and best of all it was free!
  2. smfa1965

    Don't have GPStest on my BJ II

    It is located in the \Windows directory on the phone, but by default it is a hidden file. Thus, the reason you need to load Resco Explorer and turn on View Hidden files. Once you do this, you'll be able to find the gpstest.exe file in the Windows directory. There is also another program called GPSTest, which works very well and is free. The link for it is in the above post. Ooops, hehe. You were the one that posted the link!! Sorry. :D
  3. smfa1965

    Google Search from Today Screen...

    You have to copy the google.xml file and the homescreen you want to use to your computer. Actually, here's the code from the Google xml. Just copy and paste it into the home screen you want to use. (Important: Make a backup of your home screen you'll be copying to!!). Then copy it back to the phone and launch. I edited mine and it works great. Here's the code: The xml files are in the Application\Home directory. Copy it for instance after your Calendar entries. Look for Calendar then the end of the plugin labeled like . Put your cursor to the right of the > then hit Enter. The paste the above and save. If you know how to do all of this sorry, just thought it would be easier to explain.
  4. smfa1965

    Don't have GPStest on my BJ II

    You don't. That's why you install Resco. Once you say show all files, the program will continue to work after the trial period. But, you won't be able to change the rights back or do much of anything else but view and launch the files. As I said, perhaps there's a hack to allow the built in File Explorer the capability to show hidden files, but I haven't looked into it as Resco works just fine.
  5. smfa1965

    Don't have GPStest on my BJ II

    Download and install Resco Explorer. You get a free trial and you'll be able to show all files, hidden, system whatever. Get it here: Resco Explorer 2007 for Smartphone As far as I know, the built-in File explorer doesn't have the option to view hidden files, unless there's a reg hack of some sort.
  6. smfa1965

    Good Mobile Messaging

    I'll take a look in the Registry tomorrow for question #1 but for #2 you should be able to go into Good Preferences, select Phone, then choose "Use System Dialer". Now when entering in numbers it won't go to your Company list. I edit my Home screen XMLs all the time to incorporate on the Good mail icon and my calendar. What exactly are you looking for and I'll give it a shot.
  7. smfa1965

    Blackjack II color (black or red)

    I liked the red better. I think it looks great.
  8. Wow, not sure what to think on this. I applied the BBII patch yesterday and was able to quickly get Google Maps up and running. Now upon downloading and installing this new file, I can't connect to anything. I've loaded GPS Test and while it sees sats, it never locks onto them. Same thing now when launching Google Maps. Everything worked fine after the original cab hack, but for the GPSID hack, it's not working, for anything.
  9. smfa1965

    setting display timeout

    I actually change mine a different way. \HKCU\ControlPanel\Power. In there I create a new DWORD called Display and enter in 20 for 20 seconds timeout. My screen dims at 15 seconds and then turns off at 20. The only thing is if you mistakenly go into Power Management and change and save any settings, it reverts back to whatever is in the menu.
  10. smfa1965

    Camera portait mode hack

    Thanks for that hack. I as well like taking photos in portrait mode, not landscape.
  11. Not sure how or when it happened, but there are two areas on my d-pad that the silver has come off. I have one of the S710's with the silver keys not black. Has anyone tried to touch up their d-pad or keys with silver paint? If so, I'd like to know what paint you used. Thx.
  12. smfa1965

    ..::> 3D Menu System for VOX <::..

    Very nice and works great. I love the 3D look. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Nice job! Looks great on my Vox. I tweaked the Custom xml to include my Goodlink email and calendar instead of the Outlook. Also added Fizz Traveller instead of weather. Now I'm in business!!
  14. smfa1965

    Vox camera picture.

    Here's a few photos taken with my Vox while in Jamaica. I think the Vox takes great photos given it's not really designed for that.
  15. smfa1965

    5 days... vibrate now not working

    Well that sucks and I feel for you. No way you should have had that many devices. Never had that issue.

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