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  1. Hello everybody, I've been playing around with the WM6 rom which has some nice buttons so i decided to make a few in different colours. The screenshot above is wm6 blackextra 3g 22 WM6 dialpad skins for: WM6 today themes only WM6 Basic dialpad WM6 Standard Dialpad WM6 3G Video Dialpad WM6 3G Video screen buttons add-on If you have upgraded your HTC Hermes from WM5 to WM6, your smartdialer application is not installed by default. Use this to get it back: WM5 HTC Smartdialer cab (Extracted from Hermes) Update: if you had upgraded rom to WM6 Black Edition 2.0 for Hermes, you don't have to install this. Update: if your pincode screen is white with grey and pink buttons, you can get it skinned by replacing phcanOverbmp.dll in window directory. Backup file before doing so. (this skins are for wm5 and wm6 devices. they are named wm6 because of the buttons which are from the default wm6 dialer) Note: Today theme is included in cab. You may install your own today theme after installing one of these dialpad skins. Chart for reference: Which dialpad for you?
  2. Wisbar Advance 2 has this function - i set one of the top bar icons to do this: After highlighting a word or phrase, Tap on icon - copy Tap and hold on icon - paste I got so used to this, when i stopped using WA2 (now on WA lite), i'm lost!
  3. Thanks nicoloco! Sorry for the late reply. I had that white pincode screen as well after i had upgraded to WM6. After searching i came across the same issue at xda-dev for Hermes and some kind user posted this file as the solution. PhcanOverbmp.dll You must replace this in ppc windows directory. Use something like resco explorer or total commander to replace (default file explorer cannot paste over rom files). To be safe, make a copy of your original phcanOverbmp.dll before replacing. Now pincode screen is back to normal! Download PhcanOverbmp.zip. Unzip and put in ppc windows directory. thanks jeem. to make wm5 dialpads there isn't specific software built for it. i use an image editor program such as photoshop or fireworks and cab editor program to achieve the results. for today themes i use ThemeGenCe - its a great nifty free program. I don't have any white theme (looking back at my skins, i seem to polarize towards black), maybe its time i did one. ;)
  4. Hi cpootjes, Thanks for sharing all your hard work, you have a very useful resource. I've added your site to my permanent bookmarks on my ppc and website. Good work!
  5. Nope, the only way to do it is alter the background graphic of the phone skin. You can edit it with any image editor on your pocket pc , put a light colour blob on the area (top right of the graphic) You can find this background phone graphic in your windows directory
  6. SCUMMVM Emulator for LucasArts games such as Maniac Mansions, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Sam n Max etc.
  7. curious, did you check your ip range - maybe they are all used.
  8. I did make one for vga... dl http://www.zombienexus.net/portal/GL_Displ...amp;EntryID=453 But there's a problem with the video button, it won't skin. It had to be put into a dll - so you must go here: http://buzzdev.net/component/option,com_si.../limitstart,15/ read the entire topic and dl attachment and follow the instructions by MarcusVenturi on post #6 Many ppl have made it work but i couldn't test myself since i don't have the universal.
  9. @all , thanks guys, hope you enjoy! @BlancoJr That's strange! Have you try to press the 'two-arrow' button on the top right of smartdialer. It toggles the height of the smartdialer window.
  10. Hi I think you can switch off the activesync beep via startmenu > settings > sounds & nofications There is a drop down menu for all events , choose activesync and tell it not to play a sound.
  11. if you use iLauncher you can speeddial from your today screen
  12. Thanks NikLP! Actually i didnt have the strength to list them individually, i was so tired but knew i had to release them so i just bundled them all up. :rolleyes: Testing them and taking screenshots took the longest time i think i must have soft reset over 100 times in the last couple of days only to discover i screwed up the smartdialer colours and had to do the whole lot again then take more screenies.
  13. Zphone Vista skin pack 22 skins for HTC Wizard series Carbon Black Carbon BlackExtra Carbon white Cyclic (wallpaper by percurser) Funky Leopard Blue Funky Leopard Green Funky Leopard Red Funky Leopard Yellow Leaf (one of Chefz’s wallpaper selections) Reptile Black Reptile BlackExtra Reptile Blue Reptile Red Springwood (wallpaper by Digital Blasphemy) Tunnel Vibrant Sunflower (one of Chefz’s wallpaper selections) Vista (with black smartdial) Vista (popular vista backdrop) VladStudio BlueMatt black buttons (wallpaper by Vladstudios) VladStudio BlueMatt blue buttons (wallpaper by Vladstudios) VladStudio BlueMatt white buttons (wallpaper by Vladstudios) Zircon (wallpaper unknown) --------------------- Wizard Dowload HERE | Mirror (Rapidshare) --------------------- For screenshots - see Hermes screenshots as i now do not have a wizard.
  14. Oh and i forgot to add, you can also exchange your own backgrounds. Use the cab : zpv_vista_dialpad_black_smartdial.cab Because it has a black smartdial and it will go will all backdrops. After installing, the two images you need to change in \ windows \: Bkgnd_land.bmp (320x188 pixels) Bkgnd_Port.bmp (240x268 pixels)
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