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  1. hmm... very weird, i do have the radio but not able to get a fix. left the phone for about 20mins with no luck. tried outside as well :D on the other hand the phone seems to run a little better or maybe its just my wishful thinking.
  2. Hey Paul What did you get for the adaptor at the end? I'm now facing the same problem :) dt11
  3. Hi Got mine. Very nice indeed. I got mine from http://www.advancetec.co.uk/. Sales guy on the phone said they have plenty in stock of white type. dt11 :(
  4. guys if you are only having problems on 3G and gprs work fine then look here: http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Kaiser-K...h-3G-on-Kaiser/ i've had the problem myself. i own htc tytn ii and on t-mobile. like i said in my previous post, i had to send the phone for the repair. <_< this looks like a hardware issue and it develops after a few weeks in use. ;) it will certanly explain why different makes have no problem.
  5. Right. I've had this issue, so I've contacted HTC and sent my phone for a repair as I was told this is a hardware problem. My phone came back yesterday. HTC replaced the board, so essentially it's like a new phone in the old case. I can place calls on 3G, browse the internet and even get HSPDA sometime. The conclusion: if you having problems with 3G, it could be the hardware.
  6. To comply with forum rules: don't ask me where to get the rom, however it can be found quite easily on the similar sites/forums. ;) There are number of WM6 ROMs available for Hurricane phone. :( Anybody tried any of them? <_<
  7. I think that proves nothing. I still have the issus with 3G. I'm constantly running on GPRS. I had my Kaiser for over 2 weeks before the problem started. I want to wait until the software update before replacing the unit
  8. Paul, How about adding a TCPMP video player with collection of pluggins? dt11
  9. Hi, Can anyone advise how to make my phone to understand another language in addition to english? I'm installing a software but the menus are in unreadble form. The software is in russsian. Any help is appreciated. dt11
  10. All working now. I had to do a hard reset. It has been said so many times but it won't hurt to repeat it: WARNING: Don't touch any settings in "External GPS"!!! Otherwise your GPS will not work and you will have you hard reset you phone! ;)
  11. Hi, Ok, I have hard reseted my device last night and it's all working now. Very weird and annoying but at least now it works. I can place calls using 3G and internet is ok. I have no idea what has caused it the only unusual thing I remeber was that the night before the problem started by battery drained about 50% overnight. Someone had suggested that it might be the network upgrade or something, maybe it caused the device to lock up. I'm guessing here. dt11
  12. My kaiser is very "vanila" setup. Not played with VOIP. I've only TomTom and Google maps installed. Just tried placing a call on 3G - still the same beep-beep. (12.54pm 27.09.07) Maybe T-Mobile blocked all Kaisers in London because of too much internet browsing or something ;) Can anyone else confirm?
  13. Same story for me. Started last night - can't place the calls and get beep-beep sound. Everything is fine on 2G. I'm on T-mobile as well, I think it's the network. I'm in London area btw.
  14. Yes, I've tried QuickGPS that didn't help. ;)
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