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  1. Now that Picoblogger no longer exist, do you know of another program? Regards
  2. To make the windows mobile menu interface a lot more attractive, and attract younger mobile users, i hope they will use flash/vectorgraphic for the menusystem. So it can have animations like vista, like the sony ericsson phones.
  3. I would love a program that makes the green led blink when incoming data, and the blue or red led blink when data going out, like a firewall monitor.
  4. The joystick and buttons arent responding everytime, have to clean dust
  5. It's solved! It works! Checked in HKCU/control panel/sounds/reminders I only had strings entitled "Category", and "Sound". In Category i changed the value from Alarm to Notification.
  6. As it is currently it keeps playing over and over until it drives me nuts and i run for the phone and throw it down the toilet and flush and go and buy a new one (slightly exaggerated). Playing reminders only one time would be enough, can it be set in registry? Qtek 8310
  7. Is there a way to stop icons from shifting? My icons change constantly, ie PIE icon switch with folder icon.
  8. I installed a program that messed up the startmenu startup value in registry. Can somebody please check what the original value data is in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:MSStart\1
  9. Yes i know what you mean, it jumps by some links
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