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  1. It's not a silly post at all :) I went from a M2000 to a W800i, the only thing I found annoying about it was the orange/white color scheme. But my friend recently got a W810i, which is pretty much the same phone but with a black colored case and a thumbpad instead of a little knobbly joystick on the front. They're nice phones, I think apart from the M5000 (but I'll be going with T-Mob's version when my contract runs out with Orange), I won't be tempted away from SE for a while :D
  2. Technically I could cancel it now, I'd just have to pay 16-17 months worth of tariff fees. And I can't afford that... and I doubt I could sell the phone for ?300 plus?
  3. No probs, thanks for answering :) To be honest I'm a bit annoyed; not due to the phone but the fact I just signed an 18 month contract with them again when now I want to move to T-Mob. :/ Those Flext plans are far too tempting.
  4. It's on Orange, so possibly not much is needed... know of any way to disable/remove the Operator name at the top, though? And/or change the walkman button to shortcut to something else...
  5. Just idle curiosity really. Is it worth getting a W800i debranded? Would be nice to go without the operator text on the homescreen, but I'm wary of invalidating the warranty/care cover on my phone if I do so. Also, does it really require a specialist cable to do, or can the cable that came in the box be used?
  6. I agree with most of what's been said already, so I won't throw any other opinions into the pot :) If it weren't for the fact that I recently signed up for another 18 mnth contract, I'd be asking for my PAC code right now. T-Mobile has some pretty sweet deals on at the moment... but meh. 17 months to go :/
  7. I'd have to say my E200 is the fondest memory - it got me into Smartphones in the first place! But as for going back to a conventional phone after a smartphone... I've got my M2k still (it's sitting at home in it's cradle as we speak), and I just use it when I go to my parents', as I can piggy-back their wifi. I much prefer my new phone (W800i), just for the fact... it's a phone. It doesn't have all the fanciness of a smartphone/pocket pc. Yes, it has radio/walkman/bluetooth and all the gubbins... but the main things I bought it for was it's size (sorry, but the M2k is a tad big for popping down the pub with!), the camera (given my old digicam to my brother, as it was the same quality) and the huge memory that came with it. (C'mon, 512mb is impressive for a non-smartphone) In short - although I love my Windows Mobile phones (and I don't see a time when I'll be without one in one form or another) - for everyday use I prefer the bog-standard, no-Windows phone that I have now. :) Oh, and E200 is my fav :D
  8. No, even the 3310 wasn't a blip. Nokias are nice, easy to use phones - or at least were, I haven't used any of the newer models. Yes, I changed phones fairly quickly but that was simply because it didn't have all of the features I wanted ^^
  9. Can't honestly say I've owned a 'bad' phone - other than my very first, the Philips one. (See sig below). God it was a brick.
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