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  1. theres a CID unlocker for the HTC Touch on XDA developers.. this will help paul to post those memory tweaks :) cheers,
  2. Theres a Touch RUU out there if u plan to post them for the elf :) cheers:D
  3. well with pagepool change: Total: 51.92mb In Use: 28.27mb Free: 23.65mb :P thats nice!!
  4. :S i copied all files to \Windows and when i tried to open the app it says "Error in the program." the UK rom has a different network wizard than the dopod rom. Can someone tell me how to run the network wizard that lrbh uploaded?? Thank you
  5. paaaaaaaul!!! come back from holiday!! i want those memory tweaks :) greets
  6. i think that the .dat .cpl and .mui files are hidden and u cant see them in the file explorer of wm6 but you can use resco file explorer and go through the settings and set them to see hidden files in rom. Thank you in advance
  7. Open your file explorer and go to \Windows.. then search for netwiz.exe, netwiz.dat, netwiz.cpl and netwiz.exe.0404.mui The name of the last file may change in your device but i think u can find them easy :) Thank you
  8. thanks! i really need it :).. instead of looking for some xml file, you can try to upload the network wizard app found in \Windows (i think) Thank you
  9. Hi, Can someone share me the network wizard that has America's Countries? Thank you
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