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  1. adb kill-server adb start-server will resolve it.
  2. Same build here. Any chance for an update?
  3. :D Not Found The requested URL /files/paul/2x/2LGP990AT-00-V10b-NEU-XXX-MAR-15-2011+0_CP.fls was not found on this server.
  4. This is the ROM signing I think, not the apk signing.
  5. Most probably they are not signed....
  6. Me too. When trying to install the apks manually it says INSTALL_FAILED_SHARED_USER_INCOMPATIBLE which is for unsigned apks I think...
  7. Ok, for me lag is no more. Applying Paul's patch and running minfree manager with mild settings solves the issue once and for all.
  8. It seems so, unless it is the default option to not update access time. Paul, what you think?
  9. Guys, I see that the file system is mounted without noatime option. Could this cause the problem with the delays?
  10. I applied the version XWJG1 and the lag is still there. The /data/data is still in the slower memory so why you think that the lag is gone?
  11. Most problably you have another USB to serial device connected to your PC...
  12. No it is not. You have to apply Paul's hack in order to not have the lag.
  13. Hmm. XWJG1 has 2 CSC files that are significant smaller than what XXJFB had.
  14. So far no crazy screen problems.
  15. You can't chmod files after you push them to device (with adb chmod a+x file for example)?
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