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  1. Honor 7 For me http://www.tinydeal.com/huawei-honor-7-52-kirin-935-octa-core-android-50-4g-lte-phone-p-154948.html
  2. No SD card slot No Dice... if they went up to at least 64GB on the other hand...
  3. iv got swagg with galaxy s2 and hydrogen ics. random fact: im doing this while in a hotel room with my fiancee who is asking where we should go for dinner lol
  4. Can you check to see if HD camera on the market has a download button (if you dont have it already of course)... i had the same with appbrain not having a button too. may be worth me changing the build.prop if its okay... cheers
  5. looks like my problem wasnt to do with the rom afterall but just a matter of bad timing and google not allowing downloads or updates if you have a custom LCD density... here's some more info: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1228172
  6. can anyone confirm that this works for them? or let me know which lines in the build.prop file need changing from the prebake to convert it? cheers
  7. I was using the prebaked GR5 rom i'm guessing this isnt included? would build.prop from another rom (that i know works) work with this rom?
  8. Hi paul, great work on the Rom! I'm having a little issue with the market... apps that I could previously download with the stock Rom now don't have an install button... e.g. HDR camera. Does anyone else have this problem? And yes I've tried a wipe and reinstall of the Rom. Thanks
  9. if i'm already following @superetrader, @modaco, and @paulobrien on twitter, do i automatically get entered for those or do i need to un-follow and follow again?
  10. Nope, nothing, no my face pushes all sorts of stuff while in call, and when the screen times out, it doesnt turn it back on again when you take the phone away from your face you have to wake it up and unlock the screen :rolleyes:
  11. Looks like after a couple of months of problem free ownership the proximity sensor on my SGSII has died. I've run device tests on it and it doesnt give any output whatsoever :) So looks like its going back to O2 for repair...
  12. Hopefully my SGS2 should arrive this week! But does anyone know where we can get the MHL USB to HDMI adapter for a reasonable price and anywhere that has stock? The only one i can find is on expansys and that is at a pretty steep 24.99 for a cable and isnt available yet...
  13. just installed RLS3b but for some reason giffgaff shows up as "telefonica O2 UK Limited" on the lock screen and the network operators list. Any Ideas?
  14. I have a problem with most sites that has a mobile version, e.g. engadget.com And I have tried the stock browser, Dolphin HD, Dolphin Mini, and Skyfire Exactly the same on each one.
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