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  1. Hey! I've seen you guys mentioning something about changing the function of the right softkey on the homescreen. I couldn't find any info on how to do that tho. Any help? ;)
  2. I can use any USB cable and it works fine, as long as... I have AS installed. Pretty wierd. I believe, that maybe AS shortens the cables inside the USB port in the coumputer. Does this sound stupid? I've had a Motorola mpx200 before, and it would charge from everything, but SPVC550 needs an original SPV charger. I don't like this. Anybody have a clue what to do to make my tel. charge from virtualy anything? Which cables are shortened?
  3. Another thing... Make sure you uncheck the "Recieve incoming beams" in Settings/beam. This makes my battery last only for like 40h whereas while having this unchecked I get somewhere around 3 days or so :rolleyes: Damn, I didn't notice, that this topic has over 1 year :(
  4. I believe the C550 would be able to run WM5 just fine. The reason? Motorola mpx200 is like 5 times weaker, but manages to handle WM5. Just a matter of time till we se WM5 on our C550's :D
  5. BTW, it's not a dead pixel but a hot pixel :D I believe a dead pixel would be black all the time
  6. If you take a voltage meter, you will find out, that a fully charged battery is about 4,2V. Don't worry - 3,7V won't kill your phone ;)
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