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  1. hi all not sure how many people watch here anymore.. I forgot to post my alphas for the hannspad for people to have a look at .. they are all on tabletroms.com (as I can mod the threads easily that way) have a look, at the hannspad forum. be aware if you have a 1633 then you will likely need to flash 1653 partitions to your tablet.. and that these may have bugs etc as they are still very very much a work in progress.. Current Status Alpha #3 to be #4 beta coming soon
  2. There are lots of very good small charities struggling at the moment because the big ones get all the attention..(and behave like large corporations) How about giving them some publicity and support instead? The two work for have really been hammered this year (but I'm not suggested that they get support this way) personally I propose surgeons, who do loads of good work with families (notably young carers) and not just because I used to work for them...
  3. Filesonic. .. Failsonic. More likely You may have reached this page due to a known problem with some UK ISPs. You may contact your ISP for support.An alternative is to buy a FileSonic Premium account. Click here to join now.(ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.zone11.bethere.co.uk)
  4. yes I no longer have my streak (sold it yesterday) and I have a galaxy note, there's quite a few streak users have them as well.. damn near perfect device.. o/s isn't fantastic, too much oem adaptations, but obv that will be changed! :D I toyed between nexus and note for the very reasons discussed, but the note *appears* to have vastly better hardware, so I decided that it would be better option for me, and frankly I like getting ports running.. then of course is the stylus, missed that since I left winmo scene, and it works! in fact I'd say it's beautiful in its execution and the stupendous battery life.. even on samsungs dodgy build I'm getting just under 2 days battery . However wakerider89, you are so dramatically wrong about there being no source from samsung... not only did they release source *before* the device was available, but they also include source for device tree for userspace(android) side of things.. I was very impressed when I found that. the source for the current kernel was out same day as the build, along with a chinese HK version that only appeared this week, when you download it they even ask why you want it, with the option "improve whats there " :D have a search for N7000 on there https://opensource.samsung.com/ for the note there's already some other big dev names involved, chainfire has one, and we have a professional kernel dev who has already ported the last kernel to newer 2.35, I reckon we should get a 3.01 running soon, ready for ICS builds..
  5. no its not.. I get 57-63fps in benchmarks
  6. its out as an alpha in slatedroid, but not finished yet.. Trying to work out the i2c at the moment i2ctools isn't helping
  7. Ok low memory sorted (plus a huge boost in 2d rendering speeds) thanks to a patch by ejtage in the vega forums yesterday! its now really flying along :D
  8. its getting there. this is another video I put up on youtube the other day. still having lots of issues and finding more all the time.. I need to get past low memory issues. Sensors is really bugging me now, as is the poweroff. I'm deliberately keeping posts of files to the thread on slatedroid to simplyfy things for me, to keep track.
  9. in the tegra2 hannspad forum.. Its been in the laboratory for a couple of weeks under 36 kernel thread. Anyway I'm at the stage where I think an Alpha level release is justified.. its about 85% working.. file system is a bit odd on boot, if tap power then back on and unlock again its fine. power/battery/resume and shutdown seem a very very broken. capacitive buttons don't work bluetooth doesn't work sound is very quiet. usb only works if you plug the cable in towards the end of the boot sequence. sensors don't work that well it could cause lots of damage that I don't know about yet. other than that its lovely!
  10. nobody gives a damn about insulting me and posting uneccessary comments, so i only consider it fair and appropriate that i take the same attitude. i frankly havent been 'butt hurt' by criticism, im sick to death of harrassment.but thankyou for that evaluation, next time i ceel the need a psychologist ill be sure to give you a call.. now rather than take what i said out of context why not stop and think for a while, 'mmm dell have stopped support for the streak in the us. is that really global as in all around the world is it just the usa?' 'why have all the usa websites and american members of forums decided to proclaim its not supported at all anywhere, when thats plainly not true, its just in their country' then put my words in context. they have jumped to the conclusion based around the idea that anything that happens in the usa must be all that matters, there cant be a different alternative.. my comments werent aimed at you, but you have demonstrated the high level of jingoism that most non americans perceive is rife, by jumping in and doing the chest banging act. if some one takes the piss out of us brits we nealry always turn around and laugh about it. especially when its true....its an attitude i wish more countries would take.
  11. really. the stereotypes are oh so very very true. and those words were written by an american.
  12. it would be better to use nvflash to restore the entire thing. to flash the full stock update. zip you need stock recovery, and by the sounds of it, you dont know how to flash that back again. if youre on 1653 build then use the nvflash recovery package i posted you need to extract it to your pc, turn off your hpad. plug it in to usb. hold volume - button down and press power on while doing so. then when it asks for drivers (if youre in windows) select have disk option and point it to the zip folder you extracted. as long as that goes okay click the bat file and watch the instructions. if it completes boot it into recovery (volume + and power on)and if text is blue youre back to stock. so peform factory reset and reboot
  13. buttons not working yet, WiFi powers on and off but it's throwing an error. frustrating that one. the gtab guys say they have the adam source code working on audio now, so I'll test that later on today. got it a lot more stable. managed to nandroid backup and restore, which is a huge step as it was causing issues. to do power.battery levels, accelerometer, buttons, wifi, proper shutdown
  14. quick update adb/usb works (as long as you plug in the cable during the blue honeybee screen on boot. innersd card works (and mounts as USBstorage) Extsdcard works (doesn't mount as USB storage automatically)
  15. In case you are completely ignorant dagoodboy you'll be able to read well enough that we were working on kernel code. It was making good progress but as it was mostly me, with some huge contributions from awd, who does lowlevel micro-processors and doesnt know linux. We had no other contributions despite continual appeals for help, we actually have it running quite well, and were moving slowly across to rewriting the drivers, the rotation already worked mostly, having started writing it from scratch, but without gpio information, and trying to work out what the hell happens with dells code, thats pretty damn hard to acheive.. theres a bug in the power manager, but without acess to those infos its not easy to fix. So when i was given this kernel it seemed obvious to release it asap to get a good solid working build out. I didnt have to, i did it because i thpught it would bring benefit to people, but instead all i get is bitchy whining, so ive stepped away from it for a while, hopefully till those idiots have moved on to other devices. The moronphone5 is out soon isnt it? The other devices that have working kernel source building usually are based on code released by manufacturers, the nexus has huge amount of support because its easy...google gave them pretty much everything they need.. But even they tend to use binary blobs somewhere along the way. The kernel is there, fork and work on it, dont complain about what weve acheived, you can rewrite the drivers from scratch, have fun, I wont criticize your efforts.. Oh and dell didnt drop support for the streak, its still being sold, just not in the usa, but hey ,most people in the usa only think they exist and no-one else does, and go around living based on bad assumptions. Its just been launched in turkey, and still within life cycle in japan, india, and most importantly korea
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