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  1. Remo Knops from www.mobilityminded.com has covered the latest improvements in a mini review with screenshots on his HTC Snap. It might give you some impressions of Twikini on a Windows Mobile device.
  2. What excellent additions Paul, it makes life much more easier. :rolleyes: I love the BJ2 even more with these tweaks.
  3. It's a great lightweight and very fast productivity tool !!
  4. The keyboard design reminds me a little of the Qtek 9090. :D
  5. I hope that Brando and others are picking this up ! :D
  6. And a superb QWERTY keyboard. The full QWERTY-keyboard on the Treo 750 is one of the best I've ever used !!
  7. Does this application also support AppToDate ?
  8. He should also develop a smartphone os compatible version !!
  9. There certainly is a niche for this device, and for instance it's Jason Langridge's demo device. However with the new upcoming and almost equal powerful HTC Touch Pro it's more difficult to choose. For presentations and notebook replacement on the road it's great.
  10. Paul, is it possible to provide us with a screenshot of pocket informant 8 on the x7510 ?
  11. Hope to see apptodate support in the optionlist in the near future !!
  12. Hopefully this application also gets apptodate support !
  13. Paul, thank you for pointing my attention to the survey. I'm glad that through customer feedback applications can be improved in future versions, and therefore I'm always willing to participate. :D
  14. It seems to be the first half of 2009 according to the roadmap ?
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