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  1. What do you mean? The download is corrupt or the rom itself has a problem during update?
  2. The sound quality in call is really better? No whistle, noise anymore when using the GSM? What about the sound quality with a BT headset? Has it improved as well? Thx for your input
  3. arita99

    tomtom navigation setup problem

    Relax, Have you tried installing directly from the 5.21 update? This update is self-sufficient,, you don't need to install from the CD.
  4. arita99

    Mio Dialer

    Try here... http://www.modaco.com/Cab-file-to-restore-...rd-t239183.html
  5. How do you set it back to default again?
  6. arita99

    Your 3rd party apps?

    Here's my list: Pocket informant: Way better than the original WM5 outlook. SPB pocket plus TCPMP : use it to watch divx Resco explorer: Way better than the included explorer. This one include FTP and a Registry editor Microsoft voice command: Great software, don't even need voice tags. I would rate it accuracy to 80%. The only downside is it doesn't work with BT headset. Tomtom.
  7. Damn it. I knew something was wrong with that T9 dialpad. Now let's just hope Mio will deliver on time... Thanks a lot man. Arita99
  8. I have R45.3.101.0210.1 (English), same as you guys. But I've seen people on the net having R45.3.101.0211.4 (?language?) and R45.3.101.0210.4 (Italian) Arita99
  9. arita99

    Phone Pad alternative?

    Yes IntelliPad is in the list, I also soft reset after the installation but still nothing.
  10. I forgot to ask, have you already made a hard reset on yours?
  11. Yes, I tried to add "John Smith" with John in field First and Smith in field Last and I add a number in field Mobile tel, but still nothing.
  12. arita99

    Phone Pad alternative?

    That's exactly what I do, but in mine nothing happens, it stays in keyboard. Really strange, maybe I'll give it another try the next time I hard reset mine. Thx again for your help.
  13. arita99

    Car holder blocks speaker

    Or is it a way to extract the sound files from tomtom and using a software to increase the volume? I did it with my mp3 ringtones and now it sounds a lot louder.
  14. arita99

    Phone Pad alternative?

    How do you exactly set intellipad as the input method? Maybe I did it wrong?
  15. So how come some units came with and some came without this functionality? We shoud all have the same rom.

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