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  1. I installed update.zip from C:\SanDiego\tools\xolo via Settings>About Phone>System updates in Android Re-rooted And my wi-fi recovered too (it had failed on four different routers or open hotspots) RESULT ! put orange logo back on to test All good Thanks a bunch, My Sassenach friend !
  2. I got Busy Box pro from XDA forums not the Play Store Really need help here , I know it something pretty simple but I am not hardcore enough to know what / P1897
  3. I have only ever used the AIO tool by Ricky I would download agin and retry but I don't understand the backup.exe and why it is needed and what it does It is a fairly new version and has the Fibblesan MOD tacked on the end My OSD was dead standard - came with ICS - I bunged on XOLO build and left it alone , noother fiddling THX P1897
  4. I think it has something to do with busybox not sure if I need a x86 compiled version ? P1897
  5. Trying to re-root to restore device , so i can retuyrn for unrelated hardware level wi-fi issue Device has never been deodexed - just XOLO build applied with Rickys Marvellous tool :-) When I run tool now i get message "Could not patch ADBD" Have searched and read for last two days , honest. Any help would be gratefully received P1897
  6. Keyboard works , no pendrives work for me. Tried USB mouse with pointer turned on in various apps - nada P1897
  7. Use a plectrum or a sanded-down credit card or the plastic card the sim came in sand down the thickness of one of the rounded corners of the card. not too thin - about half way and the angle can be fairly shallow Start at mouth of the sim tray and insert and flex the back case You will very soon work out the relationship between the clips and the front half By flexing and twisting the edge you have made while it is inserted you will quickly get a 'technique' that works for you. It is anxious stuff but after about 3 clips , it gets ALOT easier Always keep the case close to the back of the phone, as at the start and when you go round corners , don't use the fact that case is separated as a way to speed up the disengagement of the last few clips Just keep doing what works. - I.e "don't try to pop it off because it is hanging off" Once you have done it you will laugh about all the fuss - but it will be worth it because it will go back on seamlessly P1897
  8. Pretty sure that this IS NOT AN SDXC class devive get Class 4 micro SDHC for music or get Class 10 if you are going to run video over HDMI or WiDi 32GB max i believe paul1897
  9. Thank you for that - worked for me too All good 1897
  10. Yeah , I am in same situation , tried the root via the original post by benichou Win 7 (64 bit PC ) with full rights describes device as AZ210ABeen searching forum alot 1897
  11. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/packard-bell-liberty-tablet-with-android-3-0-16gb-wifi-only-299-99-dixons/1006565 http://www.dixons.co.uk/gbuk/packard-bell-liberty-tablet-pc-16gb-10969066-pdt.html?srcid=369&xtor=AL-63 yeah/naw ? P1897
  12. slatedroid is Where It's At P1897
  13. Thank you very much You will not be disappointed at all . the screen is way better than the VEGA P1897
  14. Don't know the protocol or requirements I did a search for "new forum" Do admins have own a device before it is recognised ? Modaco is the best site - much more 'community' than other sites Ta P1897
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