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  1. murf62

    sms problem with Mio A701

    This is a known problem if you close SMS app too early, just leave it open until you see "message sent" and it will only send once.
  2. murf62

    A701 Drawn A Blank

    Have a read through this thread.. http://www.fourpages.co.uk/mioA701/viewtopic.php?t=269
  3. murf62

    TomTom 5 and GPS2GE problem.

    You need to run GPSGE FIRST and select COM4 - 4800 baud, THEN run Tomtom and select COM4 - 4800 baud in that as well. It will only work this way because tomtom can't open com4 on it's own, it needs other software to do it. Once it's open, tomtom will run fine on COM4 and you ge the benefit of instant fix as well. If you are using tomtom on it's own, it's better to use COM2 (HW_COM) as tomtom can connect to that. If you can, then uninstall GPS Gate. You don't need it with WM5.
  4. murf62

    Device 'waking up' at random?

    Have a look here http://www.fourpages.co.uk/mioA701/viewtopic.php?t=154
  5. murf62

    MIO Picture Count

    I would guess that he wants the camera to start again at img001.jpg instead of counting up constantly. I would imagine the current number is stored in the registry, I will take a look later when I get time.
  6. murf62

    One-handed operation

    I did look to see if it had any license with it but could find nothing? How do you know it's illegal & not freeware?
  7. murf62

    One-handed operation

    Yep, I looked at that. Intellipad is free though ;)
  8. murf62

    A701 BATTERY

    PS. I tried my satnav at the weekend running GPSDash and it lasted around 2 1/2 hrs until I got 1st low batt warning (with the screen on). I really don't think anyone can expect better than that from a 1300mah battery.
  9. murf62

    A701 BATTERY

    Please don't post in capitals, it's not nice to read. The battery should last a lot longer than that, you need to check your configuration. Turn off BT when you're not using it. Set it to go into sleep after 1 min, put processor management on 'auto'. If the screen is staying on for whatever reason, then the battery will flatten quickly as with any mobile device. Mine doesn't drop much below 100% on the meter overnight.
  10. murf62

    Your 3rd party apps?

    I've edited my post now with some discriptions & my ratings. They are all quite highly scored because they wouldn't be on my device if I didn't think they were good!
  11. Attached (I hope lol) eDialer.ARMV4.CAB
  12. murf62

    One-handed operation

  13. I think this would be a good place to warn people that a hard reset will result in losing a few of the phone functions (speed dials/t9 look up) until Mio release a ROM update to fix it.
  14. Well, I've had the a701 now for 3 weeks and was wondering what 3rd party apps people are settling with. I have had to change a few things around since I moved across from an Axim x51v/Nokia 7610 & BT GPS due to compatability issues here & there, but I think this is all the software I will need for the forseeable future: Apps: Tomtom v5.21 with my own custom speed icons & speed zoned warnings My favourite driving satnav software - 9/10 GPS Dash v2.58 + .NET Compact Framework for it to run (GPS Dash v2.6 due next week) Really good GPS app for walking/cycling/running/flying/sailing etc. Can use scanned maps or link with Google Earth - 10/10 MY Sport Training v3.94 For keeping track of your health & training program. If you're serious about fitness, then it's really good. You can also get a version that links with Polar watches 8/10 SPB Time v1.1 Good app for RELIABLE alarms, much better than the WM5 crap - 9/10 Agile Messenger v3.0 Use MSN Messenger/ICQ/Yahoo/AIM all on your phone over GPRS - 9/10 Magic Button Make the X button close things as it should do! - 10/10 Adobe Reader for PPC v2.0 Obvious - 7/10 Microsoft Reader Obvious - 7/10 ScaryBear Check Notifications Clears out the crap from the events database. If you have never used this, you will have loads in there for sure - 8/10 Resco Explorer/Registry edit File Explorer & Registry editor. Allows browsing over network too - 9/10 Intellipad T9 Text entry pad so you can text while driving & not have to steer with your knees :shock: Why the Mio didn't ship with this is beyond me - 10/10 Games: Resco Sudoku If you like Sudoku, you will like this - 9/10 Astraware Big Money Astraware Bookworm Astraware Atomica Astraware Mars Needs Cows All Astraware games are addictive as far as I'm concerned, these are just my current favourites - 9/10 i-mate Poker A goo Texas Holdem game, can be played online too but I've not tested that - 8/10 I think that's it anyway. Most are installed on the 1GB SD card leaving 30MB storage & 30MB Program memory on the device to play with. Things I've tried & ditched for one reason or another SPB Pocket Plus Another 2 or 3 Sudoku games Beeline GPS Navio GPS Tuner Pathaway Various other alarm clock apps VITO Voice Dialer + other similar things ExMSoft Pocket Alarm (Still in trial period, but not been late for work since trial started!) Now ditched in favour of SPB Time

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